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Had such a great time sharing about  #edpsych  &  #edtech  at +Google for Education Global  #RISESummit   #risesummit14 .  +Roxana Shirkhoda, thank you for the invitation to present!  
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Thanks +Al Ebnereza! No video at my session, but we'll chat and I'll fill you in. Hope you're well!  
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Roxana Marachi

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Neuroscape Lab visualizes live brain functions using dramatic images; repurposing fitness and game technologies into targeted brain therapies.
UC San Francisco neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, is hoping to paint a fuller picture of what is happening in the minds and bodies of those suffering from brain disease with his new lab, Neuroscape, which bridges the worlds of neuroscience and high-tech.
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This is awesome! I am personally waiting on my Emotive Insight brainwave reader to be released, to start dabbling in a slightly simpler form of this type of brain inspection and real time interaction. 
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Thanks +Dan Ariely for this excellent  #TedTalk : "Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions?"
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Have them in circles
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Education is Curiosity, Enabled
I'm of the opinion that we could teach our young children subjects like calculus, if only we had mechanisms through which to empower those with curiosity to play with them.  Then, the application of the effort to teach becomes one of rewarding knowledge, rather than repetitive structures of memorization and batteries of tests.

Take, for example, these visualizations of various concepts in mathematics.  How enlightening would it be if we could play with these as we work through the process of learning the equations that describe them, letting our brain form the map between the system's description, its properties, and its behavior?
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Ok, it's always weird and amusing when one of my best friends from high school reshares a post from one of my good friends on G+! Say hi to each other +Roxana Marachi and +Eric Martindale! :)
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