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Roxana Jones

Love  - 
What #LOVE has to do with it?
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Roxana Jones

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The best revenge...

Thank you +Simple Reminders ♥
"The best revenge is always to just happily move on and let karma do the rest."

New Book:
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The best revenge The best revenge is always to just happily move on and let karma do the rest. — Unknown Author
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Roxana Jones

Life  - 
It is time to turn it on...
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Roxana Jones

Life  - 
Listen to nature...
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U think by appreciating nature or other gods you vl be saved and ....NO other religions are based upon your performance .its all about you vl get according to what u do .If u sinn ten times u score high if u sin 7 time u sin less but no one can be perfected coz by nature all humans are sinners the only one who can save us from this judgment and took our sins is JESUS and by believing in HIM u are a new creation in ur spirit ...
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Roxana Jones

Life  - 
Think about your endless possibilities...
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Roxana Jones

Love  - 
Be fully present...
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V v v nice post frnd
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“What LOVE has to do with it?” Part 1
Why love is important in world economics? Because it is the only force that transforms lack into abundance.

Are you ready to begin changing your life? 

#HealThruWords #Inspirational #Healing #Quotes #quotesoftheday #quotestoliveby #FreeTrial #Abundance #SelfLove #Love #Spirituality

“¿Qué tiene que ver el AMOR?” Parte 1
¿Por qué el amor es importante para la economía mundial? Porque es la única fuerza que transforma la escasez en abundancia.
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this helps leadership and emotional and spiritual healing .
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Stop thinking on what you don't want...

Wonderful post via +Awakening People ♥
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Tom Ho
keep trying 
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“Turn it On”
Forget how vast darkness can be. Focus on how powerful your light is…when you turn it on.

Are you ready to begin changing your life? 

#HealThruWords #Inspirational #Healing #Quotes #quotesoftheday #quotestoliveby #FreeTrial #Awakening #Enlightenment #SelfLove #Love #Spirituality 

Olvida qué tan extensa la oscuridad puede ser, enfócate en qué tan poderosa tu luz es… cuando la enciendes.
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“Listen to Nature”
Go into the wilderness. There you will find your own revelations.

Are you ready to begin changing your life? 

#HealThruWords #Inspirational #Healing #Quotes #FreeTrial #quotesoftheday #quotestoliveby #Nature #MotherEarth #SelfLove #Love #Spirituality 

“Escucha a la naturaleza”
Ve a lo profundo de la naturaleza. Allí encontrarás tus propias revelaciones.
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Mr G
Love this post, Roxana....I brought my wilderness indoors last help a friend relive pleasant childhood memories......the magic of wonder of our youth, you might say.....the lil blue flowers of your post are a foreshadowing of my next post.....but my flowers started out white......giggle....I'm recreating a memory that her blessed mother gave her long ago..........can you guess what it is ??? I'll post it now.......😉
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“Nonexistent Past”
The future is manifested in the present once we stop thinking and feeling what we have lived as our past.

Are you ready to begin changing your life?

#HealThruWords #Inspirational #Healing #Quotes #quotesoftheday #quotestoliveby #LetGo #LiveTheNow #SelfLove #Love #Spirituality

“Pasado inexistente”
El futuro es manifestado en el presente una vez dejamos de pensar y sentir lo que hemos vivido como nuestro pasado.
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“Present Now”
The present of your presence, is often times the most cherished gift you can offer to those who love you.

Are you ready to begin changing your life? Start #FreeTrial

#HealThruWords #Inspirational #Healing #Quotes #quotesoftheday #quotestoliveby #Present #Now #SelfLove #Love #Spirituality  

“Presente ahora”
El presente de tu presencia, es a menudo el regalo más precioso que puedes ofrecerle a aquellos que amas.
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yes truely said
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Healing Through Words #HealThruWords

Since the launching in 2011 of her best-selling autobiographical novel “While I Was Learning To Become God” that soon after became a trilogy, Roxana Jones has helped thousands of people across the world through her books, articles, healing programs and HealThruWords inspirational quotes that are shared daily through her online community of 100K+ followers.

The first twenty years of her path were dedicated to the academic world where she earned a B.S in Anthropology in 1990, a Master’s in Political Science in 2003 and a Master’s in International Relations in 2006. At the same time she searched for answers through higher education, a twelve-year abusive marriage that led her to addiction, depression and a suicide attempt ended in divorce in 1999. 

Her transformation happened after a ten-year deconstruction period where she literally lost everything and everyone in her life. This is how she learned about her power and skills as a transformational and spiritual healer. Her self-healing took her beyond the mind and into the heart where she found the meaning of self-love and self-empowerment. Today, Roxana is convinced that if she has been able to transform and achieve amazing levels of happiness, abundance and success, anyone can.

Roxana Jones, of British descent, was born in Cartagena, Colombia, has two daughters and lives in Los Angeles with her soul mate, business partner and husband, Arnaud. She is dedicated to several for-profit and nonprofit personal growth and spiritual entrepreneurship projects involving old and new members of the HealThruWords community who want to bring positive change to the world through their own inner transformation.

Visit Roxana @ 

  • George Washington University
    MIPP, Master of International Policy and Practice, 2004 - 2006
  • Universidad de los Andes
    MS, Master of Political Science and International Affairs, 2000 - 2003
  • Universidad de los Andes
    BS, Anthropologist, 1985 - 1990
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Author and Spiritual Healer
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