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For more details connect:
How many devices are connected to your Tenda Wifi Router?
Router Technical Support provides you the best solutions from the intelligent experts. We are having quick and easy methods to the answer of your question. We are having wifi settings solution on the router setting page. Tenda wifi router is the router by which you can make your work easy. You can directly connect to the wifi settings of tenda wifi router on the router settings page of our Router technical support.
For the quick setup wizard, you have to follow these steps-
Insert the Resource CD into the drive of your computer and then it will run automatically. If it is not running then double click on it and it will display the screen given below:
Click on the run option then it will automatically configure out the TCP/IP properties of your computer.
After the configuration of your PC, the login window will display:
Enter the username and password on the login screen.
Router settings page provides wifi settings of your Tenda wifi router. You must follow these steps:
As a picture given below you can view system information and current status of your WAN connection.
You can see the WAN information including description, interface, type, IGMP, NAT, Firewall, Status, IPv4 Address and VLAN ID as shown in the picture given below:
In the Statistics option, you will see the packets received and transmitted on the LAN/WAN ports. LAN will display the packets which are transmitted on the ports of LAN.
WAN will display the packets which are transmitted on the ports of WAN.
In the route table you are shown a routing table as the picture given below:
In the ARP you can see the IP and Mac Addresses in the PCs which are attached to the device either via wired or wireless connection as seen in the picture given below:
In the DHCP you can see the DHCP leases which includes IP and MAC addresses of the PCs, hostnames and the lease time is remaining.
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#router_technical_support is now come up with the solution for getting access to the internet when Laptop is connected to the hub.
For more details:
#support_forum #technical_help #router_issue
Routers are the device that creates network connection among several computers within a specifying area. It is used to share data and information through the internet. D-link routers are leading in the market. The devices are reputed for their rapid speed in generating internet connection. D-link Router Help resolves the issues when Laptop is not connecting to the hub and it is not creating a connection to the internet. It is very compatible to have D-link Wireless Router. It becomes hectic after having wired connection. Here is the solution for fixing the router that is not accessing the internet after connecting the laptop to a hub.
1-First of all switch off the modem. In case of not finding a switch, disable the power supply. Join the adapter to the router’s back panel.
2-After plugging the adapter in AC outlet, there will appear a blinking light. Make a connection with the ethernet cable and restore the power.
3- Another side of the cable should be inserted in the port of WAN which is on the back of the router.
4-To configure the wi-fi system, make a connection to the LAN port of the laptop. After this process shut down the PC.
5-Turn on the laptop which is now connected to the router and wait until the window completes loading setup.
6-Open the browser and then type in the address field and then press Enter. This is the default IP Address of D-link routers.
7-There will be the default username and passwords which you can use it to setup the connection between hub and laptop.
8-Follow the instructions as given on the screen and then the Laptop is not connecting to a hub, the issue is solved.
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#Router #Technical #Support help you to Connect a Printer to a D-Link Router by visiting
1. Connect the printer to the USB slot on the router. Navigate to the address "http://dlinkrouter" (minus the quotes) from a Web browser.
2. Select "Admin" as the User Name and then leave the Password field blank. Click "Log In."
3. Click "Status," then "Device Info." Check Attached Devices to find the IP address of the printer.
4. Sign on to a workstation. Click Start, then "Devices and Printers." Click "Add a Printer" to install the printer.
5. Select "Add a Local Printer." Click "Create a New Port" and then choose "Standard TCP/IP Port" from the drop-down menu. Click "Next."
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the USB printer.
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Visit - or you can visit our ‪#router #support #forum for setting up linksys router wrt120n........
Step 1
Insert the installation CD supplied with your WRT120N into the disc drive. Press "Windows-E" and then double-click the disc drive if the setup wizard fails to launch.
Step 2
Click "Start Setup" and then click "Next." Select "I Accept This Agreement" and click "Next" to agree to the license terms.
Step 3
Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your modem to the router and the router to your computer. Click "Next."
Step 4
Enter an administrative password for the router into the field provided and click "Next."
Step 5
Enter a name for your wireless network into the field provided and click "Next."
Step 6
Choose "Higher Security" from the security options to provide the best protection for your network. Choose "Better Compatibility" if any of your devices run Windows XP or earlier, or choose "No Security" to allow anyone to sign on to your network.
Step 7
Enter a network password or use the default security key, if applicable. Write down this password and save it in a safe location. Click "Next" until you reach the Network Configured screen.
Step 8
Click "Next" again to exit the wizard and complete the setup of your device.
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For setting up belkin router with comcast modem follow steps that are given on our #router #technical #support forum :-
1. Remove the power cable from the rear of your Comcast cable modem.
2. Plug the Ethernet cable into the the "Internet" port on the modem.
3. Insert the other end of the cable into the "Internet" port on the rear of the Belkin wireless router. Plug the router's power supply into a nearby wall outlet. Plug in the power cord for the Comcast modem.
4. Insert the Belkin Setup CD included with the router into your computer's disc drive. Wait for the Setup Wizard to launch. Click "Setup" in the window that appears.
5. Type in the SSID and Password for the router into the fields provided. You can find this information on the Network Information Card attached to the side of the router. Click "Next" to set up the Belkin router with your Comcast Internet service. A "Success" message appears once the process is complete.
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How To configure airport express to extend wireless network ?
Need to visit
‪#router #technical #support
1. First you'll need to buy an Apple AirPort Express. You can get them at the usual consumer electronic stores like the Apple store or Best Buy.
2. Plug-in the AirPort Express in between your current AirPort base station and where you want your Wi-Fi signal to be stronger. The light on the front will be yellow.
3. On your Mac - open the AirPort utility app located in your Applications --> Utilities folder.
4. When you open your AirPort Utility it should look something like this
5. In the top left-hand corner you should see a drop-down menu for "Other Wi-Fi Devices". Click on that -- the AirPort Express you just plugged in should appear.
6. By default the AirPort Utility will setup your AirPort Express to extend your current network.
7. See, it was that easy. Setup complete
8. Your wireless network on your AirPort Utility should now look like this.
9. The light on your AirPort Express should be green.
10. Now go try it out! Your Wi-Fi signal should be much better on your existing network.
Website -
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If you want to configure the basic wireless settings of TP-LINK wireless DSL router just follow these steps :-
#router #technical #support
1. In browser type IP address and then press enter.
2. Type default username and password both as admin and then click OK.
3. a)Enable "Enable Wireless" and "SSID Broadcast"
b) nter a name for your wireless network into the SSID box
c)Select the correct region which is your country/area.
4.Click Save/Apply settings .
Or visit -
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For finding the netgear password you can visit the netgear official website, still you get problem in retrieving netgear password you can visit the online forum that is #router#technical#support‬ -
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How to configure d link wireless n150 adsl2 modem router?
Sometime people comes around this question when they need to configure d link wireless n150 adsl2 modem router without wasting your valuable time visit - router forum -
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For securing your belkin g router password , there are several steps for that you need to visit a #router#tech#support‬ forum for where you can get clear information.
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