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This is really sad.
Ok, so why exactly is a suicide rate of 1/day among US Soldiers not front page news on every news site?

Here are the top stories, at present, on the following sites:

Fox News: "Blood Minerals" in your Favorite Tech?
CNN: Solo Adventurer rescued after boat rolls/"You Have an RPG in your Leg"
MSNBC: Banks use complex rules to gouge customers/Solo rower rescued
Al Jazeera: UN Monitors in Syria reach 'massacre site'

I'll cut Al Jazeera a huge break, in that they have a primarily international audience. Additionally, on, the story about the US Military Suicide rate is just below the fold with a picture and a blurb.

The homepage makes no mention of the story whatsoever, though there are links to stories about Bob Welch's suicide and an increase in teen suicide attempts. dedicated 36 characters in one text link just above the fold, the 7th link in it's "Latest News" section.  dedicated 65 characters, though the link is much farther down the page under such important stories as:
"Strippers, Batman top list of most anticipated films this summer"
"Unsnipped: More men seek vasectomy reversals"
"Pa. Beauty: 'I want the truth' on alleged pageant-fixing"
"Can't buy me love: Beatles museum closing"

Al-Jazeera gets the link, for not sucking. Seriously, what the hell.
Figures show suicides among active-duty troops now average almost one a day, outnumbering forces killed in action.
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He really does. I suppose my comment "this is really sad" can be applied to the suicides and the lack of media attention they're receiving. 
Asking why something isn't being covered in the media is a little naive...
Sad BUT True! And they don't Rehab them when they do get back, so then END up killing thier families & themselves! SAD Smh
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