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A divergent thinker and a gentleman.
A divergent thinker and a gentleman.


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My First Model 3 Sighting!

At first, we were wondering if the Tesla ahead of us had had some custom design modifications

But then it hit my friend and I almost at the same time:


I don't know why, but our shock and the excitement was uncontrollable. And right now, I still can't understand why Teslas inject some folks (myself included) with so much!

#Model3 #Tesla
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Great News From South Australia

Obviously, this isn't news anymore. But I still give thanks to Mr +Danie van der Merwe for this exciting post!

Anyway, the Big Deal is that Tesla Energy fulfills its CEO's promise of building the largest battery in the world for the state of South Australia.
Apart from the clear message that this sends out to every corner of the world about the world's imminent transition into the new energy paradigm, it also sends another message to power companies here in California that hitherto have been dragging their feet in widely embracing Tesla's energy solutions.

It is a great period to be alive. And it is also quite exciting to be a Tesla employee right now. ;-)

#StoredSun #PowerWall
Elon Musk wins bet, finishing massive 100MW battery installation in 100 days

Tesla has completed construction of a massive 100-megawatt, 129-MWh battery installation in South Australia. The new facility boasts the largest megawatt rating for any grid-connected battery installation in the world.

The project was completed less than two months after the contract was signed on September 29, putting it ahead of schedule. Musk had promised Australian authorities that he would complete the project in 100 days or the project would be free. Musk has said it would cost Tesla "$50 million or more" if the company failed to meet the deadline.

"Congratulations to the Tesla crew and South Australian authorities who worked so hard to get this manufactured and installed in record time!" Musk tweeted late on Wednesday night (Thursday in Australia).

The Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown, South Australia, produces 315 megawatts of electricity, but, like any wind farm, it's not a steady source of power. So Tesla's batteries will charge up during periods when the wind farm is producing excess energy, then supply extra power to the grid during periods of peak demand.

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Seeking Alpha is the place to find the largest collection of kings of wishful thinking.
But allow me to send the dagger in perhaps a little beeper,
GM's wonderful EVs would do very little to hurt Tesla.....what they would do a lot of is to cannibalize their very own gasoline engine car business.
Which was Tesla's plan from day one. #PuppetMaster
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Rick Perry Ushers Into COP23!

If he hadn't mentioned Africa, I would probably have just laughed out loud for a few minutes and let it go....

#SexualAssault #RickPerry #DOE #COP23 #ClimateChange
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Here Comes Da Sun

The main difference between superior New technology and inferior Old technology is TIME and adoption.

If we continue to embrace the old, we won't let the new grow and show us how mediocre the old really is.....
In Here Comes The Sun,
I explain the difference between solar energy and the status quo in a way that anyone can understand.....

#StoredSun #AfricaRising #ForAfricans #AndFriendsOfAfrica
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Thanks to +Provident Credit Union (San Francisco Community Branch - Federal Building)​ I don't have to go to the DMV to reapply for my California ID.

They are so cool.
They sent me an email which came on the day I noticed my card was missing.
And they were even about to mail it to me.

120% for great customer service.
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Don't Think You Know Enough About Bitcoin!

Chances are, you don't!

This article is mostly for future oriented Africans. But if you fall into a different category and you still want to read it, then I won't hate you.
But you must re-share after reading.
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I Hope Trump's Supporters Actually Understand The Big Picture

Just because you remove your support for a popular idea does not mean that it cannot come back and bite your kids in the brazils!

#ParisAgreement #GreenEnergy #Cop23
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Renewable Energy For Starters!

This is an introductory article for all those who wish to learn about Renewables.

However, if you are looking to be an active participant in the revolution (especially if you want to be active in Africa), then follow my collections and the Digital Africa Blog ► to stay on the key issues after you have gotten the gist of this introduction.

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