Do you know what a "parts tumbler" is?

The images here show the tumbler, it's engineered aggregate, a pre-tumbled part, and a post-tumbled part.

A liquid solution is present below the stones that serves as lubrication and a cleaner. The pre-tumbled parts which have burrs and sharp edges caused by the machining process are placed into the machine.

The machine vibrates at a controlled frequency for a specified amount of time. The stones rub/impact the parts in a non-damaging manor to dull the sharp edges, remove burrs, and to create a specific type of finish called out by the customer.

Take note of the before and after shots, notice the surface finish and edges.

We don't do this with every part, typically this option is left to the customer and their engineering department. Tumbling comes at a price due to the time it takes to process parts and the machine time.

Now you know!

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