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Experienced trial attorneys fighting for those impacted by the negligence of others.
Experienced trial attorneys fighting for those impacted by the negligence of others.


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Bill that would ban texting while driving in the state of Texas gets final vote in House and goes to the Senate. Read more about House Bill 62.

#texas #distracteddriving #caraccidents #TX #textingwhiledriving #itcanwait

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"In 2012 there were 78 traffic-related fatalities in Austin, an increase of 42% over 2011!"

"Texas saw an 11% increase over 2011, compared to 7% for the nation as a whole. Statewide, there were 3,350 traffic fatalities in 2012, and 25,580 nationwide."


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Regulator Slow to Respond to Deadly Vehicle Defects -
This article shows that it takes thousands of complaints before the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will consider an investigation into a possible recall.
No wonder people are dying before anything is done.
The article also goes onto explain that automotive companies easily achieve 5-star safety ratings which helps them sell more cars. That doesn't usually mean there cars are safe, unfortunately.
It seems as though the lowest priority job of the NHTSA is to investigate possible recalls.
What's wrong with this picture?!

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In the second big recall by Harley Davidson this year, the company announced that it is recalling over 3300 bikes in the US alone.

The issue is on the motorcycle's ignition switch which can be switched from on to "accessory" from the vibration of the engine.

This would cause the bike to stall while driving and therefore, increase the risk of accident.

If you have a bike listed on the recall be sure to get it fixed asap.

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Should there be a law protecting the unemployed against discrimination? State legislation often fails.

"Some cities, states and President Barack Obama have sought to help long-term unemployed people like Wolverton, who they say shouldn't be passed over for jobs because their résumés show an employment gap. But it hasn't been easy."

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There were 78 traffic fatalities in Austin, an increase of 42% over 2011! Austin Car Accident Lawyer

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Paraplegic from Maine, burned by heated seat, blames GM - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
Unbelievable! More bad news from General Motors. This time the rear seat in a Chevy Suburban got so hot it burned a paraplegic girl's skin.

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I can't get a job because of a mistake I made at 17, resigning when my boss will explode, + more - Ask a Manager Blog
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