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"No one has ever said that."

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Ah, the Holland Princess. May not be the youngest girl at the dance, but she'll show you a good time.

Beechwood, Holland Charter Township, Michigan

Interesting covetsation at the bus stop this morning: at least I get to miss school this afternoon. I've got an appointment.

Me: Oh yeah? What class you going to miss?

Girl: Physiology and Anatomy. This most boring class ever!

Me: Well that's good, I guess. So what's your favorite class?

Girl: Probably Introduction.

Me: Introduction? Introduction to what?

Girl: Introduction to school.

Me: .....Huh, don't think I ever took that class. So you like Introduction to School?

Girl: (shrugs indifferently)

Me: Good luck in school!
Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Currently watching "Sword of the Valiant"; this is the scene that capture my interest. Pure awesomeness. 

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People are awesome.
This ain't your grandpas tree swing

Would you go do this?

filmed by +Devin Graham

I don't know about you but I kept on getting distracted by the huge creepy face in the rocks

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Megan at Terry's. Best burger ever?
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