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Part III - The Elvish Spelling Bee is going to be an absolute corker!
Whilst I mostly agree with the article's sentiment about spinning out franchises, I do sometimes think a great story is hard to cram into a single film. If a day in Jack Bauer's life can be told excitingly in real time, a romp through dragon-infested Middle Earth can probably fill 6-8hrs. On related note, The Lord of the Rings may in fact be the only 800+ page book I've read and wished it was longer (part ii onwards at least)
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All Lord of the rings movies are great, so I will give Jackson benefit of doubt he deserves here
I still think Hobbiton in the movies looks like Teletubby Land :-)
This sounds terrible!  What is he doing??!!  The Hobbit doesn't need milking.  Aggghhhh
The Hobbit...wasn't really the book LOTR was though, was it....did anyone else feel it kind of all ended a bit suddenly? Tolkien obviously remembered he'd left the dinner on or his publishing deadline came up or something!  Hopefully the film will kind of fill in all the action that happened "off-page".  As a side note, I met Peter Jackson whilst they were recording the score at Abbey Road for "The Two Towers"...he liked to wander round barefoot, and was quite short with hairy feet.......!
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