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Ross Lasley (The Internet Educator)
Coach and Web Strategist. Husband and Father.
Coach and Web Strategist. Husband and Father.

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Glad to be hanging out at Wordcamp Maine today. #wcme14

Ready, Aim, Thursday. 

Everyone I speak to agrees without hesitation that "buying websites sucks". I am on a quest to try and truly understand why. In just a few words: why do you think buying websites sucks? 

This is my 3rd week of a morning ritual and it is working so well. I get up at 6am: Shower, Meditate, Do Mantras, Do Visualizations, Send 3 Random messages of Gratitude and Thanks to people, Read the News and Learn for 10 Minutes, then do 100 jumping jacks while I wait for my tea water to boil. Front to back = One Hour.

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testing - ignore

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Apparently I bleed orange - love it. 

How come I almost never post of G+ anymore? Maybe my planed new video production addiction will solve that problem.  

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Loving the doodle today but it wins the prize for time wasting - wait, I take that back; pac-man won that prize. :-) 
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