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Join us tonight as the Nashville SEO & Internet Marketing Group presents: Social Signals in Search.

Google and Bing are watching you. Tonight, we'll reveal how your Social Media presence impacts where you rank on the search engines.
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Ross, any way of getting video of the Nashville SEO meetings including tonight's meetup?
Dang!! We got a Chamber After Hour meetup tonight here in Huntsville. Video feed would be awesome :)
No video feed but we do usually get the meetups online. Watch my G+ feed for announcements of the video going live.
Wonderful! Thanks schedule went haywire today and would love to watch online...much appreciative of you sharing your expertise:-)
I need to check into streaming the meetings. Thanks for the encouragement. See you next time!
Its going to be great!

For anyone who doesn't know +John Ellis, this is a great opportunity for everyone to hear a true expert on Social Media speaking in Nashville. He's one of the best!
So sorry to miss this! Please let me know when video is available... thank you so much!
This was an excellent Meetup Thursday night and I learned. Just what I was looking for. Many thanks and a shout out to +Ross Jones and +John Ellis for a valuable session.
Thanks Ted. Hope to see you at next month's meeting.
Thank you, Ross. I will make every effect to be back in March. By any chance, can we get a copy of the PowerPoint/Keynote that +John Ellis presented during the program. I was taking notes as quickly as I could, but a copy of his slides would help with some of the links. Many thanks!
Ross, I second that! I know it is a lot of great there also any update on getting a video up? Thanks and see you next month!
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