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Seth Godin says we're "Trapped by Linkbait"

Seth Godin has never loved SEO and he shows it again with this post about writers who get caught in the chain of never-ending linkbait.

Much of what he describes is more "clickbait" today, and not even SEO driven, but there's something to be said about a lot of content being created that does more to drive a clickthrough than really build an audience. 

I think a lot of SEO has now evolved into what Seth describes. I think that's 100x better than where we were at with paid links/directories etc, but posts like this show that we still have room to grow. I think the companies who get there first will be the ones who end up winning in the long run. 

Read the full post: 
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Seth summarized the "content marketing" blight quite nicely. Only needed a few paragraphs too. Well worth the read :)
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Ross Hudgens

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How Copyblogger Increased Their Google Plus Growth Rate by 157%

I noticed +Copyblogger's Google Plus growth rate took off after they removed blog comments on March 24th.

They went from an average of 15.72 new followers per day to 40.42 new followers per day based on data from +CircleCount. They did this by including some subtle CTAs in the copy to "join the discussion on Google Plus" after removing comments, and also including a bigger blue CTA at the very end of the page.

Example posts:

At first I was totally blown away by this. Google Plus has comment pages well optimized to get you to follow accounts (check out this link:, and it seems like Copyblogger will see some great growth with this strategy over time.

I actually drafted up a blog post entirely on the subject, then started to feel weird about removing comments even still. It doesn't feel on-brand for us and despite its potential as a growth engine for Google Plus accounts, it might still not make sense for people in the tech space based on what it does to community and also, what it might say about the brand overall.

For that reason, I won't be hitting publish, but I still wanted to share our findings, as this might still make sense for your brand, and Copyblogger's new growth on the channel is still impressive.  

You can see the data here if you login to CircleCount:, which is also pictured below. As you can see on March 24th, the day they removed comments, their growth trajectory saw a substantial uptick. 

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Based on the popularity of this data/thread I decided to post the expanded version I originally drafted but at first decided not to publish. It can be found here: ]
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+John Rampton please, do let us know about the results! :)
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The Advanced Guide to StumbleUpon Marketing

I've read a lot of guides on StumbleUpon online and very few of them described Paid Advertising as a method of boosting content.

At Siege, we believe it's the only method of using the service based on how easy it is to use, and also because it allows you to easily segment demographics to your needs. Even though it's paid, I think it's quite easy to generate a positive ROI on your efforts if you use it correctly.

I went more in depth about how we use StumbleUpon and how I think you can use it, too, in the guide I just published on our blog.
StumbleUpon as a traffic source is like any other – used incorrectly, it can essentially serve as a thousand dodgeballs being thrown at a wall. Visitors, like dodgeballs, quickly bounce, and without another person to return the throw, they are extremely unlikely to return.
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New Twitter Profile Design Coming: Impression Loss Inevitable

Twitter is rolling out a new profile design with a bigger header image (feels a bit like Facebook), and also the ability to pin tweets at the top of your timeline. It also has tweets with decisively bigger size than the current setup. 

While I like the overall aesthetic, my second impulse was about the impending loss of impression volume we'll get organically if this tweet size moves over to the main timeline.

These bigger tweets mean we'll likely see less of them when we browse our timeline before experiencing fatigue, and also that advertisers will be able to hold our attention for longer as their tweets inevitably get more mindshare where they're held at the top of the timeline - both because they're larger and because we will see net less tweets. 

This should be no surprise, as Twitter is a public company and it's in their best interest to increase ad revenue. But clearly, this is yet another sign that we should be finding ways to own our traffic through blogging and email - because secondary channels like Facebook and Twitter can always be (somewhat) taken away from us.

See the full post:  
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Change can be a good thing, but when you copy another large social media site on the look it can bring the experience down for some users.  
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How does Google separate popularity from authority? Great question from +AJ Kohn of Matt Cutts in this Google Webmaster Video.

His answer basically concludes that anchor text and other various signals show relevancy for certain terms that pure popularity/frequency can't, although the muddled/difficult part is that, as we all know, anchor text overuse can be a problem many have issues with. Co-citation is a powerful thing, though, that can help solve many of them. 
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Shows links and anchor text still really matter. And probably always will. Nice to have the confirmation, although I never really thought twice...
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Ross Hudgens

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Great post - if you haven't seen it yet, you should. 
"interest velocity" There is so much data here I can't handle it... via +Dejan SEO 
A detailed analysis of Google+ platform with case studies, actionable tips, statistics and a visual guide to little-known features.
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How to Produce Better Content Ideas

+Mark Johnstone put together this great deck on formulating content ideas. It's the best thing I've seen in the last week+, loved the simplistic design of the deck and also the actionable takeaways.

I've personally found myself with idea burnout at times trying to generate ideas for all of our different clients. Mark's tips are great ones to break through idea struggles and generate concepts that work. Looking forward to trying a few of them. 

Link is here:
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The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources

+Jonathon Colman put this post out early last year, and it's still a great reference for every marketer (or non-marketer, although everybody is a marketer) interested in learning more about content strategy.

I frequently refer to it and will be showing it to every new employee that walks through the door at +Siege Media. Thank you, Jonathan, for putting it together. 
Over 200+ hand-curated content strategy resources: books, blogs, journals, articles, conferences, and meetups - all in one place!
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Ha, me neither! That's half the reason I read and curated all these resources. The process of immersion is overwhelming, but it's also a great way to learn. :)
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How to Solve the Content Distribution Problem

Really enjoyed this podcast with +Brian Clark and +Mitch Joel which discussed some complex issues with creating and promoting content. 

In particular, Brian and Mitch talked about how content distribution is a growing problem in 2014 as Facebook becomes a less powerful medium for distributing content. They talk about alternatives like investing more heavily in email and leaning heavily on our own websites as hosts for the majority of our work - since that can't ever be taken away.

If you look at your developed content and a majority of it is living outside your email list or website, it's time to rethink strategy and bring it back to the channels you actually own. That'll be the most sustainable strategy no matter what happens with Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform.
Welcome to episode #399 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. It's hard to argue that we don't live in a world where there is simply too much good content, and it's everywhere. Brands are expected to...
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Ross Hudgens

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SEO for Ecommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

+Adam Audette put together what might be the best resource on Ecommerce SEO available online. Would love to see Adam give this presentation in purpose for even more effectiveness, but even without it, there were still a ton of great takeaways for all levels in this 200+ slide presentation.

Get lunch and read through this in full. 
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This is chalked full of goodies. Thanks for sharing! 
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