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Learn a few key points about federal courts and how they’re different from state courts with this post.

#criminaldefense #lasvegaslaw
Learn a few key points about federal courts and how they’re different from state courts with this post by Criminal Defense AttorneyRoss C. Goodman.
Let's talk about DUI.

#lasvegasDUI #DUI
DUI Lawyer Ross C. Goodman discusses DUI probation and how DUI attorneys can help you in the case. Contact +1 (702) 383-5088 for free DUI consulation.
Former Ultimate Fighting Championship and PRIDE FC star Wanderlei Silva is no longer faces permanent exile from mixed martial arts competition by the Nevada Athletic Commission.
The Nevada State Athletic Commission's initial lifetime ban imposed on Wanderlei Silva has been reduced to a three-year suspension after an appeal.
Read on about key points for trial appeals from this post by criminal defense attorney Ross C. Goodman.
Did you know that common medicines can impair a person's driving ability and can lead to DUI?
DUI Lawyer Ross Goodman provides an insight on how common medicines can impair a person's driving ability which can lead to DUI.
Monica Contreras, the 28-year-old Las Vegas woman who made allegations against a family court marshal, was finally vindicated after almost three years,
Source: MMAJUNKIE The Nevada State Athletic Commission today voted to suspend Wanderlei Silva for three years following a re-hearing on a lifetime ban issued 17 months ago. The NSAC banned Silva an...
With the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s lifetime ban of Wanderlei Silva reduced to three years in a hearing Wednesday, the former UFC star is eligible to return to the cage in 2017 at age 40, but he could fight earlier, according to his attorney.Prominent Las Vegas lawyer Ross Goodman, who successfully argued that the ban for refusing a 2014 drug test was invalid as his client wasn’t licensed to fight in Nevada at the time, told the Herald he...
The U.S. Supreme Court today declared Florida's death penalty law unconstitutional.
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal Defense Law, DUI / DWI Law, Domestic Violence Law
  • Attorney Ross Goodman Esq.
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Las Vegas, NV
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+1 (702) 383-5088
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520 South 4th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
2 Decades of experience in Las Vegas as a Criminal Defense Attorney!

Attorney Ross Goodman Esq.

520 South 4th Street

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

(702) 383 5088

Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Ross Goodman

Defending criminal charges in Las Vegas, Nevada, Attorney Ross Goodman Esq. has garnered a substantial list of Successful Criminal Cases of Not-Guilty and Case Dismissals and has an impressive portfolio of Satisfied Clients (both Residents and Tourists) in Las Vegas for over a decade.

Needless to say, that in any criminal charge in Las Vegas, NV; whether you are a resident or a tourist, can have a drastic consequence on your future. Personal and professional ties could be severed but most importantly, you will not want to have a criminal record, especially due to bad legal representation.

Call (702) 383 – 5088 to understand better why you are in a better position to win your case with Attorney Ross Goodman Esq.

Attorney Ross Goodman has served successfully in the Las Vegas Courts, leaving an impressive trail of Not-Guilty Criminal Defense Verdicts and Multi-Million Dollars Settlements.

Attorney Ross Goodman specializes in Criminal Defense, DUI (Drunk Driving, Driving under the Influence), Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Possession of Drugs, Casino Markers Bad Checks, Firearm-guns, weapon offenses, other felonies and misdemeanors in Clark County, Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Strong Defense Advocate

The legal representation of Attorney Ross Goodman Esq. goes beyond the usual attorney - client relationship. He is known to be a stronghold and supports his clients all the way, till they get what they want – which is having the best possible outcome scenario for a criminal case in Las Vegas. While many criminal defense lawyers and attorneys in Las Vegas turn to easy or fast outcomes and sometimes advice their clients to simply “plead guilty,” Attorney Ross Goodman tirelessly works with his clients to win or get the best results possible.

When you hire Ross, you optimize your chance to win!

With a staggering and impressive list of criminal defense case successes, Ross has proven himself to be a Lawyer that is unmatched and unparalleled.

Upon consultation, Attorney Ross Goodman Esq. will form a detailed stratagem and see how you can walk away from the case with the least amount of legal consequence. Almost all cases are unique and they will all need to be handled differently. If you have a criminal charge in Las Vegas, Attorney Ross Goodman Esq. will help you negotiate with the Las Vegas District Attorney’s Office to have the charge dismissed or dropped right away.

If the charge cannot be dropped, then the criminal case can be litigated through other defense motions such as to:

  • Exclude evidence,
  • Suppress evidence or to
  • Totally dismiss the criminal charge

before the case even goes to trial. And if the case still does go to trial, Ross, along with his extensive 20 years of experience as a Trial Lawyer ensures that your case is in the safest of hands with the highest probability to win. Attorney Ross Goodman was selected to the TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERS by THE NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS and is recognized by Martindale – Hubbell's AV Peer Review.

Common Las Vegas Crimes that Attorney Ross Goodman Defends:

·         Drunk Driving, DUI or Driving under the Influence Defense in Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas has a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) limit of .08, Atty. Ross Goodman Esq. looks at common and more advanced mistakes made during the DUI charge and searches for areas where the clinical lab results and police observation went wrong. There are also other ways to get your DUI case in Las Vegas handled correctly so that you are not convicted and not have to suffer a Nevada Driver’s License Suspension.

·         Domestic Violence

Often, Domestic Violence and Battery Charges in Las Vegas are started by angry and jealous parties such as spouses, couples, boyfriends and girlfriends. With an ulterior motive, they wrongfully charge the significant-other of doing wrong.  Attorney Ross Goodman will investigate the charge to every detail and represent your case and have the best legal answers and options for you, which he can then in-turn, put to action on your behalf.

·         Casino Markers

Failure to pay back a Las Vegas Casino Marker in a timely manner, carries a serious charge in Las Vegas where Casinos are the main attraction for tourists.  Casino markers are like post-dated checks and in the event that funds cannot be transferred to the casinos due to unavailable funds or otherwise, there is a civil and criminal liability that the casinos and the Las Vegas courts do not take lightly. Contact Attorney Ross Goodman, to help you settle the case.

·         Drug Crime Defense

Possession of Drugs and Drug charges is a serious crime in Las Vegas, NV. The glamor and the entertainment in Las Vegas often make people feel that the Drug Laws in the State of Nevada is lenient but there are Drug Crime jail convictions to prove otherwise.

Charged or Arrested for a Crime in Las Vegas? – Look no further!

If you or a loved one is arrested or charged for a crime, look no further! Call us now at (702) 383 – 5088 immediately to get the best case outcome scenario in your favor.

Remember, that you are assumed innocent unless proven guilty by the District Attorney`s Office in Las Vegas, NV. Consult with Ross, explain your case in-private personally or through a phone call and see what the best options lay ahead for you so that you can win the case or have the most minimal legal repercussion possible.

  • University of Tulsa
    J.D., 1995
  • University of San Diego
    B.A., 1992
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