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BODYWEIGHT Mastery (with my new training partner, haha)

The origins of bodyweight training go back a long way. Long before the invention of creatine... You just have to read David Webster's book The Iron Game: An Illustrated History of Weight Lifting, which cites 3600BC Chinese texts to see how far, with evidence that Chinese emperors of the time made their subjects train daily using these techniques.

Wall paintings found in ancient tombs from 1850BC (mentioned in Cyrus Gordon's 1950 text Belt-Wrestling in the Bible) are equally impressive. Once we became purposive, sportive and active beings the idea of bodyweight training evolved naturally. It was a logical way for us to refine our skills as humans.

While press-up variations, pistol squats and adapted forms of hand-stands have been used to forge elite fighting forces from the US Navy Seals, to Shaolin monks and even the Spartan army, you'd probably be asked to kindly leave most commercial gyms today if you attempted to hoist your friend on your back and lunged across the floor.


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Making a smoothie is a science and an art form. You have to be able to mix fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals in the exact quantities that will be appreciated by both your immune system and taste buds. Which is exactly why I wanted to present My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie!

It's a bold claim, but this is possibly the best way to flood the body with micronutrients in under 100 calories! Yup, it's that good. Now let me explain how to make it and why to make it with the below recipe that makes 2 servings and tastes insane!

How to Make: My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie

Ingredients: My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie

1 small apple
1 kiwi fruit
2 Carrots
80g of Kale
15g (or thumb-sized piece) of raw ginger
3 table spoons of lemon juice
100ml of apple juice
100mg of green tea powder
1 table spoon of chia seeds is a nutrient-dense "sprinkle"
Method: My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie

I choose to chop up the kiwi, carrots and apple to make it easier on my blender blades.
Once done, take all in the ingredients and place in your blender
Next, add the fruit juice (apple and lemon) be sure to blend again until smooth.
Worth noting is all of this is great with crushed ice and can be made into an iced cone
Nutritionals: My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie

Calories: 97
Fat: 0.8g
Protein: 2.2g
Carbohydrates: 17.3g
High in potassium, vitamin C, iron and vitamin A
Why Make: My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie

Our food is now becoming far more calorie dense and far less nutrient dense.

(Again) a bold claim I know! But whilst there are too many nutrients to name specifically (and too many studies to quote), it’s important to note that high calorie diets can lead to nutrient deficiency or a new form of malnutrition as described by the Journal of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders.

This essentially leaves you overfed and undernourished!

Which is why I created My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie. Packed with foods that are equally packed with enzymes, vitamins and minerals, the proverbial cherry on top is green tea. Now there are many variations and some people prefer matcha green tea powder because some studies show its higher in antioxidants and the natural occurring chemical compound known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG for short).

Linked to a long list of health benefits, a 12-week study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that overweight subjects who drank green tea before exercise enjoyed an increased rate of burning fat. Important to note is this didn't simply rev up the metabolism (like some thermogenics and fat burners on the market) but instead helped it work more efficiently. Research published in the International Journal of Obesity concluded, "Epigallocatechin gallate has a small positive effect on weight loss and weight maintenance" due to its ability to encourage the body to use our fat as a source of energy.

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Will barefoot running strengthen my feet?

"After a pair of Marine boots left my feet blistered and bruised I decided to do the 1,000 miles shoeless – how Mother Nature intended. Although the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association states that, “There is no evidence that either confirms or refutes improved performance and reduced injuries in barefoot runners,” there is some evidence to suggest ditching trainers can strengthen the feet.

Research from the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University found, "A barefoot running style provides increased proprioception and foot strength.” Proprioception just means the body's ability to sense movement within joints and joint position. Since running barefoot improves this ability, it makes sense it could also improve foot placement and technique."

This coupled MORE calories and nut butters than any human has ever eaten meant i was able to complete 1,000 miles in a month barefoot...

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Marathon Birthday Celebrations!

Merry birthday to me :-) My 30th year on this earth was spent exploring EXTREME endurance with EPIC friends! I wanted to say a BIG thank you (you know who you are) & post an article that documents (a little) what i learnt
This is my (personal) Marathon Guide :-) A kind of joint birthday present for us all to enjoy, haha :-)

All fuelled on A LOT of Nut Butters, haha

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24 hours of sport DONE! Thank you SO much for all the support :-) I slept, ate and was BACK training the next day. How? Nutrition (raiding the protein shakes stash at +THE PROTEIN WORKS™ , prehab, rehab, work capacity AND the teachings of my brother The Iceman (Wim Hof).... (allow me to explain by taking an extract from my GQ article below)

"The second part of the Wim Hof method is also the most publicised. It’s the reason Wim is known around the globe as, “The Iceman” and it involves subjecting your body to bouts of cold temperatures as a way of stimulating our immune system and cardio respiratory system. Like Mother Nature intended, but time forgot. Wim says, “The cold is your warm friend. Today our bodies are no longer stimulated by the cold. When we’re cold we turn on the heating or put clothes on. Our capillaries and veins no longer have to work like they’re meant to."
He adds, “When we embrace the cold, this is when magic happens.”
(Again) it seems modern science whole-heartedly agrees too. Research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology wanted to test if our immune systems could be improved by a, “non-infectious stimulus.” The “stimulus” used in the study was plunging people into cold water (14 C) for six minutes.
What they found was the cold signalled to the body to go into "fight or flight" mode which in turn triggered an immune response. After six weeks of cold plunges three times a week they recorded a “small, but significant, increase in the proportions of lymphocytes.” Lymphocytes are the body's cells that fight infection, so having more of these guys when you’re feeling a little under the weather is a welcome physiological adaption of Jack Frost and the cold.
But Wim warns don’t feel you have to jump headfirst into an ice-cold bath. 30 seconds with the shower tap turned slightly more towards the cold is a great way to start. Then as you build your tolerance one minute becomes possible. Then five. All until that ice-cold bath actually becomes manageable."

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Project: Fat Loss & Endurance
For updates... Snapchat: Rossedgley
Mailing list:
I've always said that weight is JUST a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That's it! So if your goal is to look good you shouldn't let the scales govern your self esteem, training or nutrition!
BUT... After running Toughest obstacle race followed by the Stockholm marathon with the endurance beast that is Tim Shieff it's become clear that this numerical reflection of my relationship with gravity (weight) is quite important when it comes to endurance and biomechanics!
Which is why i have a HUGE scale endurance event planned for July and August with The Protein Works Nevis Naturally Focus Bikes and Craft Sportswear where i will need to get below 90kg and lose the weight i put on for the ‪#‎WorldsStrongestMarathon‬
Project fat loss & endurance is underway :-) Sign up to my newsletter and other channels so you don't miss out

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FREE Training & Diet Newsletter coming soon ;-) 

Get signed up to be among the first to receive recipes, workouts and science-backed advice straight to your inbox! 500,000+ and counting :-)

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FREE Training & Diet Newsletter coming soon ;-) 

Visit the site and get signed up to be among the first to receive recipes, workouts and science-backed advice straight to your inbox! 500,000+ Fitness Fugitives and counting :-)

"There are many ways to get fitter, stronger and leaner. You shouldn’t discriminate against any of them or favor one. As soon as you do, you close your mind and limit your potential." (Ross Edgley) 

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What You Learn From Rocky's Training by +Ross Edgley 

My latest article for British GQ LOVED writing this. Let me know your favourite Rocky film and take a read of the below...

"In 1976 a low-budget film entitled Rocky hit the silver screen. Now 30 years, many awards and seven films later there isn't a man alive who doesn't train a little harder, run a little quicker and cycle a little further when Survivor's rendition of "Eye of the tiger" comes on the radio.

But for all the hair-raising, goose-bump-generating gym montages, is there any legitimate sports science to the training methods captured in the films? Or is Rocky's strength and conditioning more fiction than fact? Putting each film under the microscope we take a peek at the research surrounding every jab, hook and one-armed push-up."

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Read more here :-) Awesome write up from the guys at and ANY shares massively appreciated!
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