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15 Benefits of Hiking If you are finding it difficult to get motivated about exercise and sweating at the gym seems less than appealing, then hiking is your solution! People who hike on a regular b…
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Trail Signage is Very Good From what I could see, the US 36 Bikeway is nearly complete. That’s part of the good news. The other good news is that the trail is very well marked with clear sig…
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A 12th century castle or 13th century cathedral? Riesling wine or hefeweizen beer? Roman ruins or medieval villages? Schnitzel & salad or bratwurst & fries? Left bank Luxembourg or right bank Germany? Moselle River Bike Path starts in Metz, France ...
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We are far from hardcore hikers. In fact my friends used to call me "indoorsy" before I started training for our Inca Trail hike 3 years ago. But we do like to get out there and explore the world, and some places you can only get to by foot! We've compiled a list of 25 amazing multi-day hikes to…
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For over 900 years there has been a castle or ruin of in some form here in Stafford. Dominating the area for many miles around on the part natural/part man made
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Recently I have been on a road trip through North Wales discovering the castles of Edward I.
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Stepping out of the hubbub of South Kensington I was suddenly transported into a calm and tropical realm. Almost instantly I was greeted by a pair of blue wings
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This has received considerable coverage in the Japanese media.
It's not usual to enshrine animals in Japan, and I'm uncertain whether the enshrinement mentioned below was carried out by a Shinto priest or not, but it's certainly captured the imagination of the nation. Interestingly, the name of the cat in question, Tama, can mean ball as well as soul ...
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I am an "Outdoorholic".
As the name implies, I am an outdoorholic and I have a huge respect and appreciation for the outdoors, regardless of mode and reason why I am there.
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US 36 Bikeway: Boulder to ? Update

Trail Signage is Very Good From what I could see, the US 36 Bikeway is nearly complete. That’s part of the good news. The other good news is

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Yozakura, Hanami special illumination

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Tucked-away in a side street, about 15-minutes walk from the Hirakata Station, is this wee gem of a cafe. There is parking available for one vehicle, if you so desire driving here (I suggest you phone first to check availability). The menu isn't large by restaurant standards, but, what is available, is adequate and very well presented. The day my wife and I visited I chose the Hamburg and my wife the fish. Both excellent. To top our visit off, French Toast with ice-cream and fruit with a Cafe Au Lait. Well worth your time and walk to experience.
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If you are in the area, and want to rent a cycle, for however long, this shop has a great selection of rental cycles at great rates. Then, when you have rented your cycle, take a leisurely ride around Lake Toya.
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Tokoku-ji was established in 1582, originally sited at the rear, where there is now a cemetery. At the rear of the cemetery is a large rock with a monument bearing a Haiku by the famous poet Matsuo Basho - "How I miss my Father and Mother - the cry of the pheasant. There is a noticeboard at the entrance giving more detailed information on the temple.
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The history of this area dates-back to the 9th century. The shrine isn't big, but worth including in your itinerary when visiting the hamlet of Kumogahata.
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You couldn't experience a better view of Toyako (Lake Toya) than from the Zekkei No Yuyado Kohantei Ryokan Abuta (Hotel). The rooms, the service, the dining, and the Onsen were top-rate. And very reasonably priced too.
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Moriya-jinja is located on the Tokaido road, a road that was created over 500-years ago, that linked Naniwa (modern day Osaka) with Edo (modern day Tokyo). The shrine is located in the settlement surrounding the Ninose station, that connects Kyoto City with Kurama & Kibune.
Public - 8 months ago
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Shrines don't come anymore isolated that this one. Takatsuki-jinja is camouflaged amongst a forest of bamboo and is quite easily missed.
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reviewed 12 months ago