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"Music, theatre, musicals, dance, that’s what saved me emotionally...The energy in the theater is vibrant and alive, magical and real. It is life altering. It’s what got me to believe in something bigger than the life that I was living, and it let me know hope." - Rosie O'Donnell on her inspiration to start Rosie's Theater Kids. 
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Touching lives...Go Rosie!
Sorry Rosie you lost me when I started reading these posts & its not you just someone who works for you. I think the world of you I really do but your just another google celeb highlighting what you do for the good of people the salvation army do that every minute of everyday of every year. They don't google for attention oh sorry its not really you :-((
Megan- This is the third negative post you have written implying that Rosie doesn't actually post her own stuff. I for one am sick of your negativity! I imagine that on occasion Rosie may ask for someone to post for her as she she's out of pocket or too busy and knows that over 500K people have her in their G+ circle and they enjoy keeping up with Rosie's activities. Further, I like seeing entertainers community support activities. So, can it if you can't write anything positive!
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