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Blue curlers are in this season.
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danger careful all..................@
Rosie is so cool! Theater people stick up for each other :)
Oh, I thought purple was in season. Now are we talking summer colors? *Smile* 
OMG!!!  Love this pic. Rosie, it's great! I have one kinda similar in my albums. Luv and peace and blessings, Lisa
u said the same thing twice..... and what....naw just playin u look cute i guess
You know, even if the curlers weren't in season, you would still wear them. And that is one of many reasons why you are totally awesome.

...Or, you know, you could just make them in season. Either way you would still be being you and being totally awesome.
makes me laugh every time I look at it! Love it
Well! Not the blue curlers!  That I remember.
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