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Celebrities pump gas too! Gasp!
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Who knew? I thought Oprah pumped yours! HeHe
lol! Hey Rosie I know how much you like theater and our school is doing Beauty and the Beast on April 20th and 21st if you're ever in Chicago again :)
Where's the celeb is this a where's waldo pic i dont get it....
Cool Pic Rosie!! Glad you pump your own gas ;) Now, can you do mine?? j/k ;)
rosie o' donnell i liked you on the 1990's kca on nickelodeon they said you was the queen mc.
You must be so nice!! I love you!!
Check out my life saveing thing in the little town I stoped a murder for hire
I wrote the other day I guess im not rich I did the biggest thing some could do and that is save lives and cant get no one to wright me back
Thank u Bill
Rosie, I LOVED your show, so Much, wish I could have done something to have kept it on air. i hope you can get a show like that one on some other channel. I just think it was on at the wrong time. People not home from work yet, or eatting dinner. I'm sorry that happened to you. Please come back somehow.
I hope u come BK to the show to you was to good to people and real I wached your show every time I could get a change love u gril
Love you Rosie! You rock girl , you will have another show. I have faith in this. Too cool for school Rosie. You should do a world tour like Madge. Love your standup. Dj Isaac
You pump your own gas?  I never came through my mind!!
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