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Another satisfied client at Rose of Sharon Holistic. You could also one of my satisfied clients. If you still need convincing check out the following incredible testimony of the results one client experienced in his first week after his initial consultation.
Good afternoon Preston,

Just wanted to share a few things with you... I've been taking my supplements regularly since I received them last Thursday and have been sticking to the Keto meal plan as well. Since last week exactly I've lost a total of 10lbs. I'm eating and am making sure I'm not starving myself. Although, my appetite and cravings are less...Starting this week I'm gonna start walking the trail and next week I plan on starting to weightlift (lightly) again.

Some changes I noticed in a weeks time are
Sleeping a little longer between times I wake during sleep cycle.
Not as sluggish in the morning.
Gradual energy increase throughout the day.
Far less bloated.
Things I still feel
Extreme nasal congestion.
At times a little restricted in my breathing.

Another thing I realized a couple times is that I have no clue why but in the most recent years I would get anxiety while driving long distances. I took a few longer than normal drives(work related) and I feel less anxiety while in traffic. Not sure if that has anything to do at all with what I'm doing?

My cough is still there for the most part but I kinda noticed that the sensation is a little less than it was. Hard to fully tell yet.
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Does how we prepare our vegetables affect their nutritional value? Many nutrients are damaged by heat, light or oxygen. And cooking vegetables also modifies their physical and chemical properties. A general guideline is to eat a large variety of raw and gently cooked vegetables daily. - Dr. Joel Fuhrman
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Clearly a lot more needs to be done if we want to avoid the “post-antibiotic era” that the World Health Organization warns about. Most importantly, the FDA needs to reconsider its stance towards natural health alternatives like vitamin D to stay healthy; grapefruit seed extract and other herbs to fight bacterial illnesses; and silver, high-dose vitamin A, intravenous and lipospheric C, and olive leaf extract to fight viral and bacterial illness. It is very difficult, for example—perhaps impossible—for bacteria to become resistant to silver. It is safe enough to be commonly used to purify water in developing countries. It is approved by the EPA for use in consumer products as a sanitizing agent! If medical authorities think it is safe enough for people to drink routinely in their water and to use as a sanitizing agent, why does the FDA oppose its use in medicine? Presumably because it isn’t patentable and therefore won’t make big money for Big Pharma, the FDA’s partner and the source of its funding. The agency doesn’t even approve its use in hospitals! Must millions die because of this corruption? - Alliance for Natural Health
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If you have trouble with hair, skin or nails, it is a sign that you have intestinal imbalance. Everything from the lines and ridges on the fingernails to the lack of hair or excess amount of hair in areas that should not have hair are all signs of intestinal imbalance, primarily an accumulation of undigested proteins and fats. Oh and crows feet, the lines you get at the corners of the eye stretching into the temple area? They are all caused by digestive weakness as well. Lack of assimilation. - Dr. DeHaan
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How can you get dill in easily? One package of fresh dill, 2 cucumbers, 1 lime, and optional olive oil and jalapeno. Put the dill in a blender with the two peeled and cut cucumbers and squeeze the juice of one lime into the blender. If you want a little kick to it then add one jalapeno and if you want more traditional oil flavor add olive oil. If you prefer light and fresh then just keep it simple and leave out the jalapeno and olive oil. This tastes great and is huge in nutrition and phytochemicals and antioxidants that counter cancer, candida, bacteria, viruses, decreases inflammation, balances your blood sugar, decreases your cholesterol, helps detoxify your liver and even aids your sleep. The dill must be fresh, not dried. God's food is medicine indeed let your food be your medicine. - Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec
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in the October 2015 issue of PNAS Journal, it was revealed that scientists, using a groundbreaking gene editing technique, have created a strain of mosquitoes capable of rapidly introducing malaria-blocking genes into mosquito populations through their progeny, ultimately eliminating the insects' ability to transmit the disease to humans.6 Or to put this in simpler terms, scientists have discovered how to genetically modify mosquitoes so that they can't transmit malaria to people--and that by releasing these laboratory mosquitoes into the wild, they could spread their modified genes throughout the entire Anopheles mosquito population, eventually eliminating the only carrier/transmitter of malaria on the planet. If the lab technique works in the field, it would be huge. It could offer a new way of stopping the biting insects from spreading malaria to humans and could help eradicate a disease that sickens millions worldwide each year. - Jon Barron
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A balanced diet can include both carbs and fats—the key is to distinguish healthy carbs and fats from unhealthy ones. Confusion over carbs and fats began decades ago when researchers linked a diet high in saturated fat to cardiovascular disease. That shift has contributed to an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, since refined carbohydrates tend to be as bad as or worse than saturated fats. - Dr. Principe
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Eating breakfast has always been associated with better concentration and cognitive function, but concrete evidence to performance has always been somewhat unclear. But recent studies show a concrete link between what students eat and how well they do at school, which has significant implications for education and public health policy. - Dr John Principe
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