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New! Infinite scrolling in Photos!


Hi, I'm +Roshni Malani and I'm a software engineer on Google+ photos.

Today, we rolled out a feature to view your photo albums more easily in Google+. The feature is called “infinite scroll” and it loads more photos from the album into the webpage as you scroll down. That means no more small page numbers to find, just scroll through all of the amazing photos in your albums. One of my favorite albums to scroll through is +Thomas Hawk's

This is just one of the many ways we are working to improve your photos experience on Google+. Thanks and we look forward to your feedback!
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Absolutely awesome and a great addition!
ah thats better, those darn 1 2 3 Next buttons were hard to get to may now have a cofee !!
Looks great! Hopefully will make it easier to share photos soon.
Heres a question, when you add wall post they go into separate albums (usually one per photo) - need an easier way of re-organising these after...means I have lots of folders in wall post folder with one picture......?
(not sure what the best way around that one is ?)
I'm digging it! thank you for your hard work!
That's cool +Roshni Malani. There's still something very important missing in photos, however.

- first, can't +1 a single photo from the black window;
- maybe would be nice also to have a link to the single picture in a white background (e.g. if I comment a photo it appears in my stream as a post, so I can open it, but I cannot send a link without commenting first);
- one of the most important for me is this: when I create an album and add X photos, I can share it with my Circles; once done, I might add new photos using Picasa (that's very cool!), but the new photos don't appear automatically as a new post and the old post doesn't popup saying there are new pics in the album;
- last but not least, the best thing you can introduce - but I believe this is more on Picasa side - is the possibility to choose who can see any single photo of an album: I want to be able to have an album called Holidays and share the photos of the sea with everyone (public) and the photos where there is me only with a few Circles.

Good work!
I have a feature request also. I know people can order prints in Picasa unless the option is disabled but it would be really nice for photographers to be able to put their prints up for sale where the photographer gets a percentage and Google gets a percentage. I've done services like that before but after monthly fees PLUS their cut plus a cut for the print agency I barely broke even.
I use photographs all the time, but until you introduce copyright to cc licensing - really important this one - allow full resolution images - at the moment they are reduced- and improve the UI where is a lot of room for improvement - e.g. organisation, merging albums, moving images between albums, tagging, and like one commenter has already said, +1 from the black display screen, I'm staying with Flickr primarily and G+ will only get a handful.

I will pay for a service if it's user-oriented, more rounded and rewarding to use. I already pay for Flickr and Vimeo...
This is very, very cool and Roshni, thanks so much for including my album. :)

Google Photos just keeps getting better and better every day. Awesome!
Thanks for the feature. It is appreciated and it works very well !
This takes the photo viewing to a whole other level. I love it.
Great feature - now I'm eagerly waiting on an Android app update to get the feature there too!
Thanks, it's really better indeed, that way!

Any chance we can see some improvements in the way we can organise the photos in Picasa albums too? And also, the way those Picasa albums are interacting with G+?

Because right now, it's nearly useless, unfortunately.

For instance, if I want to re-organize the photos of "my posts" into various albums, it's just not possible because of the akward window listing all the photos/albums one by one, with all the same generic title...
Also, the fact that I can't select more than one photo each time to put in one album, etc...

Thanks for any feedback about this and keep up the good work, you all, overthere! :)
+Roshni Malani its great! but we need fullsize view! for what 2048p limit if we see pictures in small window?
That doesn't bode well for my request to be able to turn off infinite scroll in the rest of Google+.

I'm sorry, but for large datasets, I much prefer pages. Infinite scroll is great the first time you want to browse something, but when you come back and want to find a particular item? It's the most frustrating feature ever. There's no way to jump back to a particular location. There's no way to quickly narrow down which page something is on. And of course if you leave the page to look at something and hit "back"? You're right back at the top again and all you can do is scroll, scroll, scroll. And what it does to memory usage in the browser isn't pretty either.

None of that is a big deal if you're looming at 100 items, but if you're looking at 1000? See Randall Munroe's rant about about how he had to page through 30 virtual scroll pages of follow notifications in order to find the next notification.

I think it's telling that Flickr, which knows a thing or two about scalability of photo management, uses pages.
This is great. It would be good if we could have a full screen option as well as the option to see the photo's metadata (shutter speed, iso, aperture, flash fired etc) as sometimes this is interesting information. :)
Infinite scrolling in Photos!
+Steven Palmer Yes, but the longer you scroll, the more images there are on the page. Tumblr (at the option of the blog owner) uses this technique, and on my phone it invariably results in a crash if I scroll long enough. (Especially if there are lots of animated GIFs).

It would be possible to implement infinite scroll with the top items getting removed as you scroll down, that would at least address the memory usage, although it still doesn't solve any of the navigation problems.
Great improvement. Keep it going, Google.
+Roshni Malani one question how i share just one picture from a existing album, i know the option to share draging the picture to the share box in the top bar, but that option share a small version of the picture, i dont find another way, sorry for my english
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Awesome new feature.. looking forward to new features in the near future 
Great work done by you
I really just want family albums so I can share and allow editing on all my albums by my wife from Picasa application, it's so hard keeping our albums in sync. But great to see movement forward, keep up the great work! :)
Do you guarantee that run-time resource consumption stays sane? Will you crash my browser which doesn't have a notion of infinite resources?
+Roshni Malani Add the photograph magnifier function to me, I don't want to use the plugin
+Roshni Malani One question for the tech geek in you. I was doing something similar in one of the projects and was worried that for a huge number of photos (think 10K+) how the page DOM will behave? Isnt it too much for the browser to handle? Do the photos that scroll past the visible viewport, get recycled by the browser? I came up with a solution where I constantly recycled the container divs, so even though its infinite scroll, the total number of divs (to hold images) is always the same, due to constant reshuffling...Would love to hear from you guys.
#firstworldproblems I reached the end of the linked album, the infinite scroll was in the end finite...
it's a great improvment, but I agree with +Kee Hinckley , i think we should choose between the infinite scroll or the pages. The power of G+ is the power of choose.

i agree with +Davide Cassenti and +Alex Ross too, those are improvement we need to have the perfect photo sharing tool.

thanky you Roshni!
The scrollbar position in this case is misleading isn't it.
This is great thank you. Are you working on being able to just post one photo from your Album, let's say you upload a new photo to an existing album but don't want to have to share the whole album just that picture how can we do that?
Good job on this one. There's one thing I miss in most social networks when it comes to photo management: the ability to move or copy photos/images from album to album.

I think an approach using tags as album titles would work better for everyone; we could easily add the same photo to different albums and share each specific album with the desired circles/groups without exposing all the photos or having to upload the same photo several times under different albums. #NiceToHaveFeature
+Kee Hinckley I totally agree about infinite scroll, my first though when I saw this post re-shared was "gross," I hate it on other websites and I don't like that it's added here. It's slow, jumpy, and frustrating. I don't mind it for the Stream, but with pictures I do. I'd much rather my viewers and I have to use Page or Next buttons instead of having to re-load an album over and over again just to see one or two images (at that point I won't even bother).
Is there a way to see the original captions?
Hi there! You should implement the same "gallery" philosophy (with left and right arrows) in the search results from google images :-)
Does the hashtag hint that there will be hashtags coming to G+ soon? :) #anticipation
Cool, liked the feature. Now I am waiting for Circle wise photo streams. Any idea when will they be available ?
Ok, so i've been trying to check this out but apparently this feature and Google Games isn't available or hasn't been implemented to all I correct in assuming this? Hopefully we get this feature soon #patientlywaiting
I appreciate the work on this, but in the end, this is eye candy - very pretty eye candy for photo viewing no doubt - but eye candy. I'm hoping you and others working on photos within the Google+ environment are working on more usability functions, including
- ability to share, to your stream, any single photo from a photo album, either in the lightbox mode, or in Picasa's various modes.
- ability to +1 a photo in lightbox
- ability to +1 comments in lightbox
- ability to change an album's primary photo in any viewing mode (ie, in lightbox, under actions, being able to say "set as album's cover photo"

To be honest, the first point - being able to share any single photo in a photo album to your G+ stream is the main feature I'm waiting on. The others aren't so important (to me at least).

Keep up the good work! Please let us know if any usability changes are in the works.
@ +Roshni Malani The hashtag in your post #googleplustips - is it only for Twitter? Or is there a possibility to find them on G+ ?
Roshni, just a couple of critics/suggestions:

1) When the window is re-sized, the photos start loading from beginning. There is probably a good reason for this, but I think it could be avoided. Although the case of resizing may look silly, it is not. IF you use the side-scroller-bar thumb of the browser (just because you do not have mouse wheel or because you just want to go faster) a simple click few pixels away will resize the window. In my case it is annoying when you are quite down in the scrolling.

2) I think it should be possible to insert a fake div with the height of the predicted the stream height, so you could do a quick scrolling till the end. If it cannot be predicted, then let's say we insert a div of a fixed height of 3000px. When scrolling we can keep increasing it or just removed if we reached the end. The idea is to be able to reach the end quickly.

Hope it helps
Can you guys find a way to make uploading and organizing photos more efficient than Facebook's current method? Rotating, deleting and reordering are such a pain. It makes me not want to upload anymore. And if it's possible, a feature that would allow cropping or making comments on photos while staying on the multi-photo view would be nice too!
Hi Roshni is it possible to get g+ on Blackberry?
Two things related to Photos.

1.) Any chance to get an options for reordering the photos after they are uploaded?

2.) For some really strange reason the photos in my last photostream appear in different order depending on how you access them, one through a link from facebook (really weird order) and another correct by accessing it being logged into g+.

else, great product:-)
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