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Google+ Events and Gmail: RSVP, invite and comment from your inbox

+Gmail recently introduced interactive email notifications for Google+ ( Today, we’re bringing this goodness to Google+ Events invitations.
- RSVP with one click,
- Invite your friends,
- Read and respond to comments, and
- Share photos ...
... all without leaving your desktop inbox. Let us know what you think below!

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Awesome. This will make finding the event and uploading pictures easier for some users.
Awesome new feature :)

P-S: Go Triton Alum!!
I've been using this new feature all day.  Works great.
i am going to go for walking. no flight.
if passenger airplane carry this then why the companies charges you extra luggage cost? Something is wrong!
If they can make money easily I don't think they are going refuse it.
@prashant, notice it has only 3-4 windows, and anyways ofc its not a passenger aircraft. back to Googles updates, I am not interested. I have said this many times before, when i block some one, i cannot view that persons status, i cannot view that persons msgs or status. but that person can still follow me and view my profile= makes no sense. I hardly use google plus now. its just lame. While a famous life sounds better. Not every one is retarded enough to have their every activity up online for public. for few friends maybe. As soon as ppl realise this, they stop using plus.
wow. i can see i forget to use my specs! hmmm technology rocks!
recently, events is really hot! i can see the trend that ppl would love to use it.
Could I ask you:
1. The 10 active participants, do they have to be the same 10 person throughout the call or could somebody talk and then somebody else later? Trying to figure out Q&A on a hangout with a lot of people.
2. Can  hangout really be private?
3. Do Hangout participants have to have G+ accounts or could they get the link sent and then join?

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