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Hyderabad - Kerala - Goa - New Delhi - Bangalore - Rajasthan - Pune - Marseille
life is surreal
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August 18
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La vie est plus intense quand on la vit dans l'instant :) Bons Snaps !* * *Attention : les Snapchatters peuvent toujours faire des captures

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A vast spread of Italian delicacies and that too vegetarian..they have a very good collection of salads, pastas and oven fresh pizzas...a must visit place ...with a good choice of deserts like tiramisu and chocolate bomb...!
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Decent seaside view. Nice ambience. I have been here twice and have had Appam and Beef fry both the times. The word is simply... Awesome.
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A good choice of authentic northern Kerala dishes...good ambience...decent service...very few options for vegetarians..and during the peak hours the place gets too crowded.
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The place is cozy and warm and is welcoming. We tried butter chicken masala, kadahi pander, karari bhindi, raita, Naan n Lachcha was served quickly, was piping hot, tasted amazing and had authentic flavours. Service was good and the place and food is good value for money...definitely recommended if your taste buds are craving for some authentic Punjabi flavours.
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