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Hi all,
We've just released another beta version. Actually we have released couple of betas in the past few days but this one is a release candidate.
So please test and tell us what you think about it.

Here is the full changelog (from the past few betas):

★ Now tagging option is available at the article bottom bar and all social features are moved in "more" section.
★ Added option to disable the Optimized article view/enhanced layout/.
★ Redesigned and optimized widgets.
★ Added undo option after mark all as read. After this change "mark read confirmation" is disabled by default.
★ Other small fixes and enhancements.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi all,
We've just released the completely redesigned 6.0 version of Inoreader for Android! We have refreshed the whole UI of the app. We have optimized the typography for better reading. There's a new enhanced layout for articles for selected feeds that places the cover image on top of the article. The performance have been optimized on many places.
As always looking forward for your feedback from the app. Use the Contact support form under your subscriptions.

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New Beta with improved offline mode for Professional members has just been released!
Change log:
Offline folders are now available! You can set up an offline folder by swiping it to the right. Inoreader will then automatically download articles, images and the mobilized content depending on your preferences.
We have also made some dramatic performance improvements to the application and it should be faster than ever.
Please note that you need to have Professional Inoreader account in order to be able to use that feature.
Looking forward to hear your feedback.

New beta 4.5.5 (288) with ability to increase font size for articles list has just been uploaded. Looking forward for your feedback about this (long wanted) feature.

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New beta ( has just been released!
In this version we hope that we finally fixed the "jumping" behavior (on pull up/down to load full article content) on some devices.
All affected members - please test and tell us what you think.

New beta (4.4.3) has just been uploaded.
In this version we add the Android backup capabilities.
Now Inoreader app settings will be automatically back up-ed via the Android backup API, so that you can choose to restore app settings when reinstall it, if you perform a factory reset or just switch to a new Android device.
Please test and tell us if you have any issues or suggestion about this improvement.

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Data recovery complete!
Data recovery complete!
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New beta version (4.3.7) has just been released.
In this update we are implementing (the long waited )ability for manual reordering for your subscriptions inside the app.
You can find the option at the bottom of subscriptions list between themes and settings.
Looking forward for your comments, thoughts and suggestions about it.
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