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Rosemary Nonny Knight
Fight For, Create The Business & Life You Want.
Fight For, Create The Business & Life You Want.


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How To Start An Online Store Without Getting Overwhelmed!

Starting an online store has never been easier.  You can get going today, if you choose to.  Let me talk you through the steps.  Please do not see this as some kind of ‘do this then that’ type steps because frankly, some things are to be done…

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There is ONE path That Leads To Wealth, Abundance, Success & This is it...

You know it and that is why you run scared… You feel it deep inside and so you go fleeing in the other direction… And yet, like a glutton for punishment, you look back, you come back, you again dip your toe into the fray… Because you want the success, the…

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5 Ways To Include Being Grateful & Make Life Work So Much Better

Learning to be grateful every single day of your life will open you up to so much reward.  It may seem fake and cheesy to be like Pollyanna, ever looking for something to be glad about and yet, this one attitude has the potential to open your life up in…

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Take The Quiz - The Five Factor Personality Test

Take part in this quick quiz to further understand your personality. OK, it is just for fun so don’t run your life by it but this is the thing, it is very useful to know what makes you tick if you want to have success in life and in business. So, whether…

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3 Steps To Only Do What Is Necessary For Your Big Life And Business Dreams

There are so many distractions, SO VERY MANY! and it is easy to allow these distractions take you away from the path to getting the life and the business you want. Everything seems like a great idea… Everyone makes their magic bullet solution seem like…

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Nothing Happens Until You Make It Happen

I see you with the big ideas, the big dreams, the big goals… You think about it, you talk about it… And then you go back to live out your ‘settled-for’ life because you don’t actually think that you can have everything you dream of. You think your dreams…

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Personality Quiz: What is Your Dominant Character Trait?

There are different personality types and they define how we react to different situations. Getting to know yourself is key to putting yourself in the most helpful situations and also, to knowing how you are likely to respond when faced by various…

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Just Sell Your Stuff Already!

You are looking, searching, wondering what you are doing wrong… You are begging, pleading, crying before your God… You keep searching out what you are missing… “Why is it not working?” “What am I doing wrong?” You ask… And then you attempt to act on…

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What Are Your 5 Dominant Personality Traits Based On Your Visual Preferences?

Knowing yourself is key to growing a purpose driven business that changes lives and creates wealth for you and your family. Playing to your strengths is the path to a more enjoyable life. Take this FUN quiz and see what your dominant personality traits…

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How Come No One Likes Me? - A Few Keys To Be More Likable

Does it matter if no one likes you? Yes. The truth is, as a solopreneur building your million dollar business, you need a group of people to like you, to trust you and to perceive you as the person who can help them get results through your product,…
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