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Rosemary Omeje
Web/graphic designer, digital marketer, content writer and blogger.
Web/graphic designer, digital marketer, content writer and blogger.

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How To Prepare Peanut Burger Snack At Home
If you always crave something crunchy and nutritious to munch on, then this is for you.  The peanut burger snack is a delicious snack of peanuts coated in a flour mixture and fried to a crunchy texture. Peanuts are prepared using the popular groundnuts we a...

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Major Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail
all know what relationships are. Relationship is beautiful, awesome and sweet
where unity, love and understanding exist between couples. It is only in the past
century that relationship lasts almost forever! But this 21st century has
many relationships f...

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Top 10 Tips To Become a Better Cook
Yeah, I know. You are probably wondering why this
instead of the normal recipe. Well, someone once mentioned that if I can share recipes
people can always try out, why not also give tips to help those who are still struggling.
Honestly, it made me think of ...

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Reasons Why You Don't Make Much In Network Marketing Business
Have you ever tried any network marketing business and didn't make any good money or you felt you just wasted your time? There are tangible reasons why it turned out that way. Its not really because you ran out of luck like most people think! The reasons ar...

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How To Prepare Chocolate Chip Muffins
Hello food lovers! I just got this new recipe Ill like to share. Well, it may not be really new but its new to me. Chocolate chip muffins are delicious treats that are great for breakfast or even as dessert after dinner. They are the perfect muffins for tru...

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Things You Should Never Say To A Lady
Girls can be carefree and also emotional at the same time. They love to hear you say positive things about them and can also be easily swayed by words. Though not all of them share this trait, a good number of them are conscious of what people say to them. ...

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Healthy Ways You can Manage Asthma
Surely we know that purity of air will drastically decrease over the years due to fossil fuel gas emissions. Have you ever sat down to think about the air you breathe in now? Or have you ever thought of the millions of people who suffer asthma worldwide?  A...

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New Hit Tracks: Abonsam Away And With Jesus By Adu Gracious
Hi everyone, been a while I laid my hands on cool jams. I found two recently and I said I must share them with you. Trust me, you'll love it. Listen to it download and also share with friends. But first, here's a brief bio about the artist.  Adu Gracious Ob...
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