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Rose T
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Rose T

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In celebration of my mother's life...

For those of you that didn't know, my mother passed away on the 7th of April.  She was an amazing woman that was in part, with my father, responsible for who I am today.  Laying the foundations years ago of Life, grace, family and love, and their importance of one's existence as a person.
She nurtured me, attended to me and watched me blossom to become a woman over the years, then reaped the rewards when I married and had my own children.  Sharing herself selflessly once again, to indulge my children with her endless love .. I am truly blessed to have had such a wonderful upbringing by a woman that taught me so much.. 
Rest In Peace Mama... 
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What a beautiful tribute to your Mama.  You look so much like her, not just features but the body language and the way she walks!  Lovely song you chose.  <3 K
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Rose T

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Don't forget to smile today
Life is so complicated at times.. you can forget the little pleasures that make it worth living...
I shared this last year with you all.. I just came across this old post.. and it still brings a smile to my face. :)
Way to cute.. A classic piece of Art :)

Mannequin Pis is a famous Brussels landmark.. Looks so much bigger here on The Crown Fountain, Chicago.

Bigger is better. right?? :))
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This statue in it's many forms gives me such a always says to me "Piss on you!"  An artist joke that keeps on going!
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Rose T

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Christopher Walken...
He just rocks!!!  I love watching him dance:)))
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ich möchte auch mal so abheben
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Rose T

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It's been a while, so it's time for a circle share :)
#Fashion #FashionCircle #FashionBrands

To be included in my shares (#sharedcircle), be so kind to: 

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Have a #fashioweekend  and increase your popularity  !!!

Enjoy the heels community:

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 #shoes #highheels #highheelsbrands #fashionbrands 

Special Mention to:

Marija Mijajlovic   +Marija Mijajlovic
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Jasmina Brozović   +Jasmina Brozović
Edith Kukla   +Edith Kukla
Daniela Calabrò   +Daniela Calabrò
Zara V   +Zara V
Linda Dee   +Linda Dee
Dubie Bacino   +Dubie Bacino
Riccardo Lemons   +Riccardo Lemons
Crazy Circles   +Crazy Circles
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Andrew Cherkashin   +Andrew Cherkashin
reih G.   +reih G.
Ed Ross   +Ed Ross
Rome Heels   +Rome Heels
Dirk Talamasca   +Dirk Talamasca
Trever McGhee   +Trever McGhee
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Raquel Martin   +Raquel Martin
Merche Muñoz   +Merche Muñoz
Aidea Jewels   +Aidea Jewels
Kathryn Nokony   +Kathryn Nokony
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Dimitra Daniil   +Dimitra Daniil
Manuella kiefer   +Manuella kiefer
Karen Michelle   +Karen Michelle
Morales T. Suri   +Morales T. Suri
Angie Fredatovich   +Angie Fredatovich
Elisabetta Bertolini   +Elisabetta Bertolini
Milla Semina   +Milla Semina
AMARI Shoes   +AMARI Shoes
Babs Helferich   +Babs Helferich
Helena Roza   +Helena Roza
cielo fernando   +cielo fernando
juliemery Bibbò   +juliemery Bibbò
eve st.   +eve st.
Chaylenne Muquim   +Chaylenne Muquim
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Rose T

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You doing movies now +Kamal Tailor !!
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+Amanda Blain somebody is gonna get hurt Real Bad! ;)

+Tiffany Henry hope your exam went well!! Sorry about the late. Notice for my trip there. As I mentioned in my post I wasn't allowed to tell people I was there
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Rose T

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Plot Twist!!!!
Life is as difficult as we make it.. sometimes.
If only life was full of straight forward answers and situations..
Be Ready For Life's Curveballs

Life sure has a way of throwing curveballs, doesn't it? We're chugging along according to our carefully laid out plans and -- WHAM! -- a curveball out of left field knocks us on our butt. What gives?

Unfortunately, such is the reality of life. No matter how well we've planned or how thoroughly we've prepared, things can happen that are totally out of our control. Our car breaks down just before we're going to leave on a road trip. Or the dog gets sick and the vet bill wipes out our savings account. 

The key to happiness in life is how we respond to life's curveballs. Research has shown that one of the primary keys to success is the ability to adapt to change. So how we respond to things not going according to plan is a big determiner of our life success or failure.

In the big things and the little things, let's practice responding to those inevitable curveballs by yelling, "Plot twist!" and learning to adapt.

#plottwist   #adaptability   #kurtstips  
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Rose T

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Time to do a circle share and meet some more interesting people :)
We're thrilled to announce that 10 days after reaching 20,000 followers, we reached 30,000 friends!!! To celebrate we're starting a new circle, The Gadgeteers Circle, where we include folks who engaged with us the most. It's also a great way to find people with similar interests so by adding this circle you're likely to see a lot of cool stuff in your feed.

If you were notified it means you're in - also, by sharing this circle, you're guaranteed to be in the next edition that will be coming soon.
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Rose T

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Love Billy Joel...
This duet is a lovely piece of work :))
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Rose T
Wow +Phillip Tyson !!... that was fantastic!!
Even I'm proud :)
As I keep saying to my children.. we may be a country small in population, but the quality of talent, invention, determination and success in Australia is monumental and life changing :)
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Rose T

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That's at least one thing to cross off the list and not have to worry about :))
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Yet. :)
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Rose T

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Elite Sports men and women...

Their hand/eye reaction time is extraordinary....
Badminton is silly and soft and dainty and not tennis, right? I don't know anymore! This impossibly fast rally makes it seem like an impossibly fast sport played by humans who have impossibly fast reaction times. Even robots couldn't see the ball and hit the ball so fast. It's incredible.
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Life Engineer and Problem Solver
Basic Information
Lover of Life, Food and People
I'm a Second generation Australian that still has ties to my Sicilian heritage, of which I'm proud of. 

 I've traveled the world, but am yet to see all of it.
I like to think of myself as an open minded person, that's not shocked by anything that's thrown my way.  I've worked in many fields and experienced many different types of people.
For now.. This is what is going on for now 
+Google Plus Cook Book

I love to cook and I grow my own herbs and some produce, and enjoy sharing what knowledge I have.
One day I'd like to write a Cook Book for Beginners, that is so easy, that children can use it.  

I enjoy sewing and love to get involved with school theatre productions in the co-ordination of costumes and making what is needed

I like to enjoy and accept people, for who they are , not what they have. I'd like enrich their lives, as they enrich mine.. not what  I can gain from them.

Bragging rights
I don't like to brag.. so I have to think hard about this. I've done alot in my life so far. all as equally important. How can I place one over the other in level of importance? One thing I can say is... Having 3 wonderful children and a supporting husband is the only thing that I can place as my top brag. In December 2012 I received a Comendation by the Theatrical Guild of Victoria, for Costumes for the Amateur School production of "Oklahoma!"
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Old style Service with care and knowledge. Having searched for someone that has a clue and knows what they're doing, I came upon Grahame, who owns "Doncaster Sewing Centre". He's a wealth of information when it comes to sewing machines and the best way to use them.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Being Lygon Street, you're going to get pestered by all and sundry to enter and buy from their menu, this is to be expected. But this place is different. The elderly gentleman that is very Italian stands at the front and is very courteous and wants you to enjoy his food.l It's his restaurant. The food speaks for it'self. The staff is friendly, the food is beautifully seasoned. The decor may not be flashy, but it is clean and somewhat inviting.
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
We had dinner there as walk-ins on a cold wet night after a Google Photo Walk. We were seated in a cosy room that had open fireplace that was working. The food was fantastic, we all had a variety from pastas to Chicken schnitzel. The portions were generous and beautifully seasoned. A definite to go back to.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
8 reviews
Dinner was great, tasty, quick and inexpensive. Victoria Street is always busy, but on a Monday night, while other places were near empty, this was jammed full, with people waiting outside for tables to be cleared to have dinner.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
The menu is highly appealing, varied with with a mix of Asian and Mexican influences. The food is beautifully presented, with a breakfast menu that screams Yummy!. I love a good coffee, but for this place, Vince (the barista) makes you a coffee that is great!
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
From the moment you walk in the door, Peggy the Manager, welcomes you with a smile. Having had the Dumplings and Spring Rolls as starters and sampled a selection of the main meals, I have never been disappointed with any of the dishes. Reasonably priced, quality food and attentive service, this has fast become one of my favourite places to grab a bite in Kew.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago