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So what should I do for my birthday on Monday?
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Birthdays are your day, so the answer is personal to you. I like quiet meals with nature surrounded by few closest friends.
Go horseback riding with Brian Bitzer.
Get a new plant in your garden and give it your childhood name :)
+Rose McGowan Have the best possible day. Do what you want, when you want.

Then prepare for reality to return on Tuesday.
Ike Davis
Buy a struggling uninsured family health insurance for a year to remind yourself how awesome your life is?
Get something that you've been putting off getting. And cookies.
well, what is something that you want to do, but either never have or haven't in a long time?
Throw a party in your house, everybody has to bring their favorite drink. In the party eat fondue, eat ice cream, play twister, do karaoke, play charades, dance, get in the pool, get in the hot tub. And then everybody go out for a steak dinner and later hit a salsa club.
Written just now in response to your question.

This World Our Dream
© Surazeus
2011 09 03

For your birthday you may wear white silk dress
that gives your spirit wings to fly on wind
of laughter spiraling from singing heart
of human tribe and dance on mountain top
to weave sunrays in fabric of your eyes
so all this world becomes your wide-shared dream.

For your birthday you may gather fresh fruit
in baskets of words and walk city streets
where millions of nameless people alone
wander aimless outside palace of power
to give them sweet refreshing juice of Earth
so all this world becomes our one shared dream.

For your birthday you may ride pure white horse
leading lost people from blind city maze
to gather in circles on meadow of flowers
joining hands to sing under shining stars
that teach us creation of ancient souls
so all this world becomes our secret dream.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say have a big party with all your friends and family! And invite +Brian Bitzer of course, so you can give him his horse.
What I do every birthday: do something you never did before.
You could have a G+ Party ! And stream it live ! or you could buy lots of stuff.. or else you could do something meaningful like going to an orphanage and buy some gifts for the kids there.!
I suggest a weekend at the lake in Cooperstown NY... this time of year is gorgeous.
Spend a relaxing day w/ friends, family, loved ones. Or, come to the FL Panhandle, and let me make you a romantic dinner ;-) #shamelessflirt 
Anything & everything with me! :-)
Go out to eat and go dancing. Not at a club though, go country dancing. Do something different !
rent a movie, get a bottle of wine and spend some quality time with your lover! happy birthday to you!
I think buying +Brian Bitzer would be an awesome gesture. From the comments above, its sounds like its been a lifelong dream of his to own his own pony, and you could make this happen!
Let me know if you decide to fly to Tokyo on a whim! (not sure if you should bring Brian and his horse though)
Happy pre-birthday!!!
Versailles, Louvre, .. Take a trip :D
F. Rob
What ever your heart desires. 
I wonder if the celebrities on Google+ like Rose here read all of their comments. I'm on the suggested users list and couldn't get a discussion like this going if I tried.
If you never before in your life bought someone a horse, based on a crowdsourced idea, I guess it would be in line with my initial suggestion :)
Please buy +Brian Bitzer a horse! Thank you.
Wait a minute! Is +Brian Bitzer finally getting a horse. Poor guy deserves it so much. Great job Rose
Hay, +Ryan Crowe posted about it, so I just herd it was going to be your birthday. Growing up is hard, we aren't colts anymore. Of course age doesn't immediately make anyone an old mare or stallion. Just keep bucking the stereotypes of growing up and being an adult. We will truly enjoy live if we stay active and surround ourselves will people who are foal of love. Being with the ones we care about will filly our lives with joy and I think that's the most important part of growing up. Growing up can cause us to not feel stable but that's why keeping those people close to us is important. While your birthday approaches the mane thing to remember is that our friends and family make us who we are. So, whatever you do in celebration do it with people you love.

Oh...It'd also be neat to get +Brian Bitzer a horse.
You should add me to your circles because I am the gift that keeps on giving? You should wake up, yell "Suck it, Labor Day!" and then proceed to celebrate your birthday as if that other holiday didn't exist.
With Family and Friends, that is the always the way I love to spend my birthdays.
+KC Chessor - Now I like horses and all, but I really think it should go to +Brian Bitzer (just to be clear. strict no horse policy in my building)
Ollie R
Brian's feeling pretty smug right now, heh...
I'm not creepy! I'm 'unique', and 'eccentric'.... .... Honest! 
I really think giving +Brian Bitzer a horse is the best birthday gift anyone can give themselves.
deidre b
i think buying +Brian Bitzer a horse is a fabulous birthday gift. he is now old enough to be responsible with a horse and promises to feed, walk and play with the horse.
Perhaps you should do something crazy that no one's ever suggested before, like buying +Brian Bitzer a horse.
I think you should buy +Brian Bitzer a horse. And don't give us a "If you don'ate money to sick kids I'll do it" line. Smosh mouf already got us with that one.
♘ or ♞ doesn't matter, as long as it is a horse.
Congratulations, have a great time on monday
Buy yourself a new car. If I were you, that'll cheer me up =D
something for yourself. what about something like a cast away weekend on a lonely planet with enough water and food (but the last you have to gather yourself)?
It would actually be very cool to get +Brian Bitzer a horse. And have a Hangout to be sung happy birthday to by all the commenters on this post. :D (Happy birthday, for Monday)
brian arb
Come to Atlanta, and celebrate your birthday with me.
+Brian Bitzer Should also get a horse, or maybe a pony. How awesome would that be. The horse could come hangout on Google+ and when you see Brian riding down the street maybe you two could wave to each other. And people would be like hey, they must be friends but you know, It was your birthday present to him.
I have emailed all the local news stations, newspapers and tabloids and called all the radio stations about your generous gift of horse to +Brian Bitzer. It's such a wonderful selfless thing to do on your birthday and I hope they will praise your name for all eternity ^_^
There is nothing I want more in this world than to see +Brian Bitzer united with his future equine life partner. I don't even know him personally, so I won't be gaining and thus this is completely altruistic on my part.
Becky R
Think how much more your fans will adore you when they find out you gave a horse to a mentally slow man like +Brian Bitzer !
I say, that dapper chap +Brian Bitzer deserves a trusty steed to muster upon. You should do that for your birthday. Pay it forward Rose. I watched a lot of Charmed. You owe me.
You could... Come back to the Great Smoky Mountains, and goto Dollywood again (and say hi to me)
You should buy +Brian Bitzer a horse so he can live out his fantasy as a cavalry officer in a spaghetti western.
I have a tradition, that I'd like to share. On my children's birthdays - they celebrate their Mom - making sure to honor the gift of their life that was shared with her and them.

so do something in honor of your mom.
Oh and... man totally slipped my mind but, +Brian Bitzer ran out of horse AND he did promise +Andrew Tamm that he'd let +Rafael Medina ride his... and we all know Brian's big on integrity and keeping his word... +Sarah Walcher I think will vouch for his character, and his meticulous personal grooming
Um...go out for sushi and then buy yourself some happy! I'll send you a special birthday tweet too so your day will be EXTRA special
There are few things quite so beautiful as the bond between man and horse. Giving the gift of that bond to Brian would really be special.
Happy Birthday Rose... I hope you have a wonderful Weekend filled with much love and happiness. My Birthday is Wednesday and I'm planning to surround myself loved ones and enjoy the weekend. p.s. Give your precious doggies a hug from me.
Ok, I have a confession to make: I have eaten horse meat before. More than once even. It's kinda of a thing where I live. My girlfriend has tried in vain to persuade me never to repeat this act ever again.
So here's the deal: whenever I'm facing the possibility of eating horse meat again, I'll think of +Brian Bitzer's horse. That should put me off horse meat once and for all.
Spoil urself rotten!! Go somewhere new or go to a picture of the coral reef for me. Then we would both have a good time. 
Party have fun and do what you want and just have a good time.
Buy +Brian Bitzer a saddle, sugar cubes and some apples for the horse you so kindly are going to get him.
Happy Birthday, Do what ever you want it is your day, my birthday is on Thurs.
Post this message on all your social media profiles:
"Buy your own fucking horse!"
...and then have an amazing birthday.
Spoil yourself by buying +Brian Bitzer a horse.
Kick off your heels and dance, belly laugh until you cry, listen until you are moved, feel love and give love as you embrace the "what ifs" of another wonderful year... :-)
We have watched "Conan" yesterday, was a bit unusual to see sweet Page from Charmed as an evil criature
celebrate mine! born the same day you is incredible. I love you
Dinner with Close friends and a flow of alcohol. Nothing better than a good meal with friends.
Last year, I corralled all of my friends to come with me and volunteer our time to feed the homeless. It was my way of doing something productive outside of the usual celebrating "myself" kind of thing. You can do both of course. :) Happy birthday!
wait till Saturday and Party with me on my birthday in Tampa!!!!!!!!! lol
I reckon +Anne Espiritu has a very good idea to build on... I asked friends and family one year to give to the WSPA or other animal charities..
Happy Birthday...may it be all you hope for.
You can always just relax and enjoy friends and family. Happy Birthday!
My birthday poem for you this one that’s full of joy and cheer.
Blow out the candles and sing a merry song. Hope the fun lasts all day long.

So gather family and friends for a birthday blast. Have plenty of fun that’s sure to last.

It’s your day to have a great time. Hope you liked this birthday rhyme.
Happy Birthday, Rose! To celebrate, I think I'll pull out my Jawbreaker DVD! (I can't afford to go see Conan.)
Yes, do tell us what fun you decided on! (I didn't get to celebrate with Jawbreaker, because I had work to do. :-/ )
Buy Brian a horse.
No, not me Brian, other Brian.
Go to Yang Chow's and get the slippery shrimp. amazing.
h kostu
too late but come to Turkey
Everything you have been wanting to do!! Treat yourself!! Let others pamper you!! Have the best day ever!
Tony A
Operation #ahorseforbrian is a success!
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