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Out and about in Paris.
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What are you doing there,preparing for the coming French Open maybe?
Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world! I lived there for 10months the city is just breathtaking
Are you kidding guys? She looks all fake and plastic now.
Troy, you're right! But she still looks BEAUTIFUL! Don't forget she had an accident and that her plastic surgery was just a remedy!
She's looking alike real good beautiful, it's no evidence if she's too young 20's or 35's over won't get too heavy bad and damage or wrinkle skins.. she should be 20 age over..
I agree... maybe she overdid... I don't like it too, but I think she still looks pretty!
Remember that dress that she wore, years ago, at an awards show with Marilyn Manson that showed off her butt cheeks. That's what made me notice her. That was so nice.
omg ... I thought you had you're boobs out ... obviously that wouldn't have been a problem for me but I just had to look twice ... I still remember the dress you wore when you were with "Mansen" at the Oscars was it ? (before the witches) ... dangit, that was SO hot ...
< ass man ... not sorry for it ...loud and proud ... to this day, you have one of the HOTTEST asses EVER ;) ... rofl ... (I'm not a stalker) sorry If I offend. I don't mean to. You are Beautiful.
I love you clothes, nice outfit.
I still say you get better looking each day
those powty lips just need to be kissed... properly...
i don't like the red bag ... too old for me ... (the handbag ;-) )
She's not so hot for me yeah she's pretty and all and with her powty lips which is the only thing I happen to like in her nothing else.But her beauty can never be in the class of my fav beauties like Megan Fox,scarlet Johansson,Blake Lively,BeyonceKnowles,Halle Berry,Kelly Kelly,Jessica Alba,Jennifer love Hewitt!..give me any of this women and I will stop being single! And assuming am married to Rose I will get a divorce ASAP!!
EDWARD S your wrong ,ROSE is a normal women not someone trying to be a sex symbol that's what make her so special she looks real and act normal and for that she will always be respected ,in other note ROSE you look nice in this outfit simple and smart
i think yellow purse may have been more appropriate with black next time try it
might be right there but in same time pink is rose in french so maybe she was giving people a hint on her name
Yes David she has a good personality but she knows it we all know it that she doesn't have what it takes to even be a sex symbol,yes she's funny and all but not so hot to be a sex symbol
Oh please yeah she has a great personality she's funny and real and kinda dorky but she isn't a goddess!guys!! I've even dated girls that are way more beautiful than HER!she's hot but not so much am sorry I had to clear that out didn't mean to offend any.
outfit is nt that cool .. but u r :)
she lok manner 2 me, God knw d best can u create?
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