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Hair in process for a 60s photo shoot in Paris. Can't wait to show you the final shot!
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+Rose McGowan you look fantastic. watching #Charmed looked down at my computer and there you are on both screens of Technology
beautiful eye's but hear cut no sout
your lips look bigger? optical illusion?
At first glance I thought you were getting ready to star in the Amy Winehouse movie
I used to be such a fan. I thought something looked strange before, but now I know you got botox and who knows what else. What a shame you weren't happy with the way you looked before.
it looks like someone stuck a Pomeranian on your head xD but you look good tho Rose ^^
You are going to look great. Good luck on your foto shoot.
oh my god!!!! i love it so much!! i wish my hair would that!
شوصفك والوصف وياك محتار
اذا انت بجمالك دوم ناسيني
عيوني من تجي بعينك واحاجيك
احس كلبي اشتعل والنار تجويني
احبك يا جرح وماريدك تطيب
الجمك واستلذ لمن تبجيني
امدروحي على دربك وانة ممنون
وابوس تراب جدمك من تلاكيني
الف هنيالي بيك وانة محظوظ
لان انت حبيبي وهذا يكفيني

عشكج صار كلي وبيج انه المجنون
لان شخصج ابد صـــايرلي عنواني
Who cares!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!..just kidding got you guys there,well I dig the 60s look!I hope Rose is gonna be Jackie or Monroe best 60s look then
drew barrymore would have made a good charmed one too if you axe me.
Rose with big hair, eh? Yes, show us the 'shot'.
رووووووووووووووووووووووعه قمه الجمال
botox shmotox--you folks can get mad at her for using botox, but I still think it is her business.
You've have to be naturally pretty for botoxs to have its much desired result
Rose girl...your beautiful even at your could have kept your hair like that and we would have been all about you still :)
She sure is hot and pretty but I would go for Megan Fox Beyonce Knowles Halle Berry Scarlet Johannson Charlize Therone Blake lively Taylor Swift Jennifer love Hewitt Kelly Kelly Michelle Mccool before I go for miss Rose here,which I think is pretty herself no doubt about it but this women mentioned are the most beautiful women on the face of this planet!!
Megan Fox? Really? You better take another look.
Noah I don't know what's with you but if you think she's not Hot then you either gay or fricking blind!just kidding..Hehehehehe!!!!...but on a more serious note Megan Fox has one of the prettiest faces in the industry and FYI she's way way hotter than the hot Miss Rose here
Going to look nice
Wow, I didn't think you would be they kind of person to get work done to yourself, looks like your proved me wrong.
U r simply cute 'attractive, beautiful & sexy. '
wow is it a nice time for ya.spend it without a doubt.zzzal about liberty.
Nice Hair Style.................. dream girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yur hair style doesnt count but yur heart is important...
saali randi tu bhutani lag rahi hain
beautiful..sweet lips waiting for lovely sweet kiss
your look is charming, lovable & intersting....................................................
Rose on the set of Myra Breckinridge part duex :p
Sweet lips...waiting...Nice healthy hair..Love it
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