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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Can I be First and Last ?????????????????
you dont have to be irish i would kiss you aney way but you would not
kiss me but that is ok
........../ ----)
........./ ....../
......./ .......(____
▓▓ ..........((i __)
▓▓..........((_ i___)
▓▓..........((_ i___)
▓▓---._((i_ )
"May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire."

(Irish Blessing)

It would be my pleasure beautiful !
I'll pet you on the back and hand you a beer. I am not easy, you have to earn it.
嘻嘻、、、、、Beautiful and original、、、、、
Sending kisses your way Rose. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Прекрасные .. и вы, и ваши фото)))
Nata m
Happy St. Patty's Day!
You know what is funny im actually irish and i am not wearing green
Happy St. Padric's Day love to all
here is i big kiss for you from martin zwetsloot here in edmonton alta canada
happy st.patricks day to u ttoooo sweetie
Hey Mario, you sucked my dick!
yea im half irish kiss me!
Happy St Pattys beautiful one...btw was it U I saw at the Prince concert at NYC MSG Dec 18, 2011 ?
Happy Paddys day to you to you to
john search up mario valletta the one one with the italy flag is me click on that in the right corner it says add to circles click on that and click freinds
im wearing my green DOMO hat cause first, its all green, second, Ray Ray and i LOVE domo. 143MB
Love to kiss you Rose, However you are too far away and out of my league.
MMMUAH Right smack on your lips Rose. Was it good for u, as it was good for me. Lol. Jk. Tho my dog licked my phone when it saw your picture. Well aren't u lucky today. Double the kiss. Happy st.patrick's day.
I'll kiss you 'cause your Irish, if you kiss back 'cause it's my birthday!
No chance. My wife would batter me to death.. Happy St Paddy's Day.
where's the line!!!!!!!!!
Let me know when and where!!!! :-*
that is sooooooooooooo UGLY...........
super you know....thank you great irish.... have nice day
Ooooooo :) :) :) :) A good time to be Irish :) :) :) :)
Who needs to be Irish to need a kiss :))))
I'm lucky to have this day as birthday. Happy SPD!
I thought you were Italian :-O
Sure,I would like to..A happy St.Patrick's Day !
lovely i love u darling
Wow, after reading through these posts, I do believe the intellect of G+ users dropped dramatically. Silly me for thinking G+ users were different than FB.
I'm about an hr. east on 80 .S..F. to F.F. And I love to!!!
smooch. will that give me luck?
pinch me im not wearing green!
I'd kiss you I'd you weren't Irish....
whenever you visit miami rose let me know and i'll be very very glad to give you that kiss....erin go braugh love
a pretty rose (ashok u got issues)
OMG! Rose aren't you on the show Charmed? I LOVE THAT SHOW! you are my FAV charater
I mean wern't you on the sho
O'what a lovely lass you are, robed in green with skin so fair and puckered with red. May grand your day be with more to come.
it's raining it's cold but it's okay here in huntington beach having a great time
Did you like that kiss? I sent it air mail.
if some one kisses you just cuz your irish then god almighty kiss me i'm irish
i wish i could. just give a little chance.........
lol i had tht on my shirt yesterday
Eva -
Uhh... o_o
hell i'm Irish way don't people kiss me danm it
you really need to tell people but at you are irish because i dont think people want to now that you are irish maybe some people but just not me you are super crazy take a pill sleep pill please but you are pretty kindy
I'm allowed to celebrate. It's my birthday :-)
indians count babe wouldnt be able to count the kisses i am gonna give you .... kisssssssssssssssssssssssss
you too, rose mcgowan
happy st Patrick's day to you too.
I'd need a reason to kiss you now? ;-)
hi rose how r u & u really actress
Ron Lee
Muah slore !!
I would kiss you anyday and i am irish aswell

I would kiss you if you were a outer space alien with a tail, and you do have quite a tail might I add.
Im half irish haha :P
hey you were on charmed I love you pretty picture
i'm not irish ...but i'm on the fence . and u look marvalous
Ok. I can't bear to see you beg. 
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
You are a good actress in Charmed!
What does Patrick's do?
Can anybody tell me about this day ! Cuz i'm from middle east
I would love to meet you and give you a big kiss you are an awesome starlet <3 <3
hichao tat ca moi nguoi tren toan the gioi nha! rat vui duoc lam quen voi cac ban!
Well considering read heads are said to be more sensitive to pain and other stimulation, it's also no surprise they are also more sexually active. So yes, I think I will kiss me an Irish lass. -Now, if only I knew one.
apani mouth deka rahi ho mugha kiss dagau kya
sorry befor marriage impossible
Here in Kerala there are ladies more beautiful than you.. Then why should I take the risk of kissing an Iris lady looks like a plastic coated skeleton
ohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmah!!!!!!!!!! u like it irish...its a smooch hahah
I will kiss you i am Swiss
Hello....i'm from's so sweet if i could kiss you.....nice to know you.....

In your day, irish people, I give a kiss to Rose, congratulations green aliens from Montreal Québec
Oh yeah i kiss you irish-lady,it's a pleasure for me :-)
Oh Rose, too tempting. My wife would want to kill me but toooo tempting..
shhhhhhh lem hold u ad then ......mwaaa i hope you feel it
Is there any relation kissing & Irish I will kiss you as a young beautiful lady I don't care whether you are Irish or not.... :)
Any time... Anywhere.. And I do mean Anywhere...
Hey How to Kiss u.....

Ha Ha Ha ..........Tell me now
I'm not Irish, but kiss
What a stunning Irish woman. I have get a new monitor now. Hope you felt the kiss! Happy Pat's day Rose....Mark
I would love to kiss you.
BTW I love your hair. Nice color ect...
so i like kiss you but so for u. anyway u r so beautiful and xxxy
you are kissable IRISH an too sexy for life
I wouldn't mind kissing them big ol' sexy lips, no matter what day it is!
i also want kiss you but from wear
i like Brest for ............
they in danger...yure a irrish girl powerfulll!!!!
ss mm
i am ready baby........................
Kissingggggggggggggggggggggg uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu now...........................
my sweet kisses to your everywhere always
kiss u on air? oops!
i need pragmatic kiss!
ok Rose if you insist,ime scots-irish ,i always celebrate it big style....x
only seeing only seeing no kissing ......
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