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An Oklahoma Lifescape
An Oklahoma Lifescape

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So Long, Farewell
Dear Blogger, You were my first audience and I loved you. Lord knows, you never forget your first love. I've moved on and OKRoserock now lives with another web host. If you want to catch up sometime, come find me at . Thank you for all the lo...

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Healing Hearts and Rebuilding Lives at Primrose Hill
My Prim Goods Beauty Bundle I received a complimentary Prim Goods Beauty Bundle in exchange for the review of and blog about this unique skin care line. All opinions about the products are my own...and my hands are super soft now!* Mother's Day is coming ...

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Wordless Wednesday
Sequoyah Sunset

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Leap Year with the Oklahoma Women Bloggers
Leap Year comes around almost every four years, how did you celebrate the bonus day this year? I registered a new company name in Oklahoma and filed for a federal tax id number! I went a little crazy by taking a leap for me. I can't take all the credit or b...

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The One Word, 2016 Edition
The blog world is obsessed with picking its ONE WORD for the year. After I explained the concept, Hubs was surprisingly
intrigued and decided we needed a word this year and I would blog about it. First, I checked my past January blog posts to ensure we did...

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First of all, here are three political truths about me, Rose Marie B, proud Oklahoma citizen. 1.  I'm not the most politically savvy person in my state or even in my household but I am a registered voter and cherish the rights given to me by the United Stat...

I was recently added to a circle that is full of ONLY women named Rose Marie. Hey +HORN JR Marion please tell me what this circle is about?!

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Writer's Workshop: Zombie Salesman in 15 Lines + a PS
(This story is true and was created for Kat Bouska's Writer's Workshop . Well maybe the Zombie part is a stretch but...) A salesman boldly appears at our badge-entry, employee-only office door, calling my phone to let him in. "I can never get anyone to answ...

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Writer's Workshop: I Love You, Water
This morning, I learned that I can bathe and wash my hair with 4 gallons of water! I'm compelled to tell you this because it's Thursday and I couldn't wait to "Share Something You Learned This Week" as part of the Writer's Workshop at Mama's Losin It. Tuesd...

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Writer's Workshop: Top 10 Timeout Chair Nominees
Happy almost Memorial Day Weekend! I've taken tomorrow off, so I'm delirious with anticipation for a four day weekend. Before I begin my mini-vacation, this post is inspired by Kat Bouska's Writer's Workshop prompts; let's talk about the " 10 people, places...
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