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Brunch and dessert :)

Food was really good. The bistro was very nice and airy. Instead of windows, there were French doors where tables were place right beside.

Only complaint was the service, which was almost non-existent. You had to ask multiple time for them to refill your water or take away your plates.
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Will G
That looks so good!
Rose L.
+Will G it was! I hope I am giving you ideas as to where to eat the next time you are back in town!
Will G
Yes you are +Rose Le! I will be back July 1 and I look forward to trying a few of these places out. What is your favorite Japanese's restaurant these days? I also look forward to trying that Korean place..yum!
Rose L.
+Will G I really like Nami when I was there last weekend :) Sushi on Bloor (the one that's always busy) has always been a favourite of mine.

Which Korean restaurant are you referring to? lol
Will G
+Rose Le I love Nami! I will def pay a visit while home.

Oh sorry I should have said Vietnamese and not Korean. I was referring to Banh Mi Boys where you mentioned the Kimchi fries - The Kimchi through me off :)

All this food talk is making me very hungry! Almost lunch time and I am in the mood for something yummy. Sushi? Korean? Viet? hmmm...what will it be?

I hear it is HOT in T.O?
Rose L.
+Will G Toronto WAS hot for the pass week until Wednesday. Now it has cooled off substantially. This weekend is both wet and cool with the temperature reaching only the high teen. 
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