Graphic Design lens : testers needed
I'm not a graphic designer and I often find myself in need of graphic ideas and resources for my projects. The goal for this lens is to gather art assets from some of the best providers and create a unified searching and browsing experience.

It features four categories and an equal number of dedicated search engines:

The Dribbble scope searches for quality designs and ideas. Clicking a result takes you to the Dribbble website where you can have a better look at it.
The COLOURlovers scope searches for palettes and gradients. Clicking a result automatically adds the color palette to Gimp and Inkscape, and notifies you about it.
The Iconfinder scope searches for open licensed icons. Clicking a result opens the icon in your browser, you can also simply drag and drop it to your graphic application.
The DeviantART scope searches for Gimp brushes. Clicking a result takes you to the DeviantART website, where you can have a better look at the brush and download it.

# In a teminal
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scopes-packagers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-lens-graphicdesign unity-scope-dribbble unity-scope-colourlovers unity-scope-iconfinder unity-scope-deviantart
# Log out, log in

Future work
- Better workflow for brushes
- More search engines for existing categories
- New categories (like Typefaces)
- Tight integration with other graphic apps

Please report your bugs at with [graphicdesign] at the beginning of your report title.
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