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"[T]he real trick of Valentine's Day? Say what needs to be said. Write it down. Give. And look her in the eye when you do."

Some things are simpler than you think.
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lol...I am thinking if it is starting off as a last minute thing...they probably have bigger issues than a gift...just saying...   :)
Happy valentinesday in advance
I've never had an issue with gifts and such on Valentine's Day until this year. This is the first time I've been in a "new" relationship this time of year. After seeing each other for a month I'm not sure how to approach everything. Can't be too serious but I also don't want her to think I don't care. I'm gonna wing it and see where I wind up in the end.
You need to buy two gifts, +Charles Bullins and keep the receipts! Then, depending on expectations you can give the most appropriate gift on the day. lol
+Rosa Golijan in addition to these remarkable tip of yours, you might want to check out my last post..., it will only take you 5 seconds of your busy life and will put a smile on you ;) I guarantee

I could it copy past the link for the post but idk how to do it...

Do you think a woman would ever do the same to bloke first up ????
Two hearts open her hearts to gifts
Isn't that smile nice. I haven't seen that much white since the gum ads in the 60s.
What do the people in Valentine`s day. I am new in world
...forgetting what day it is makes things easier...Cheers.
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