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Have I mentioned how much I love the new Chromebook Pixel yet?

'Cause I love this thing. Quite a bit.

More details on the Pixel:
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+Rosa Golijan break it down a bit. What do you like about it? What else are you using that you'd compare it to?
Jerry B
It is sweet looking.
Still hoping for a non-touch, hi-res affordable version of this.
I'm jealous :(
WiFi or LTE? ... Waiting for the LTE in the UK myself :)
Definitely NOT a 1300.00 item.... I would by a used macbook pro before that and get more usability from the device....or a surface pro etc etc.... 
Chrome OS is great (I was part of the pilot project) but the Pixel is just too expensive. If I'm going to spend that money on a portable it's going to be a notebook I can put Linux on.
They call them chrome books because the laptop is browser chrome and $1300 is way too much for browser chrome, even with 1TB of G- drive storage.
Like the way you look ........
This is for people who already pay $50 a month on Google drive. If you do that then this is clearly a good purchase. As Google said... "Its for the power cloud user."
Wish I had the disposable income.
Chrome was always known for less price and unique features but Google is trying something new and I really dont like this much 
It does look enticing.
To me, the great beauty of the ChromeOS is the freedom to ditch the traditional OS, with the bloat, hangs, conflicts, eventual sluggishness, etc. Quick starts, auto updates and a growing number of web apps means it is a lot more than just a browser! 
I'd probably like it a whole lot too if I was being paid to review it 
Things of the world, they are like that pleasurable to the eye.

If it had a bigger SSD and more memory it would be an amazing Linux laptop.
Uber retina display WITH touchscreen, think about it. Is it for everyone browsing YouTube or reading Rosa's post, maybe. Maybe not. It has an I5 so it's not a slouch. 
I dont know why anyone would pay the apple-tax and then not even get a full OS. That thing is way too expensive, regardless of how cool it is.
T.T "Google PLAY not available in your country yet"…
it would be awesome Wayne if your last name was Hoo...then it would be W. Woo Hoo
Since when do the perceptions of the default operating system dictate the quality of hardware it can run on?

I always find sentiment like yours +sainath naidu, odd. What is not to like? A lot of people love Chrome OS and want the high end hardware to go with it. This notion that better hardware some how equals "bad" is beyond my comprehension. For me, better, faster, bigger, sexier hardware always equals awesome, regardless of the operating system on it. 

People need to understand that there are a ton of people out there, including me, that can easily justify the cost because it just isn't that much money when you consider what we are already spending on technology.
It's promising but not quite "there" yet. 
It is the Google-Like design era
already in software, hardware is the next target
They should just priced this at $649 without the Google Drive Storage.
Again.... Never would i think to pay for a Browser/App only Notebook...perhaps..899.99 I don't think they did much price research with the people posting in here...;) 
The 3:2 ratio is a loser for me and the price point is just absurd.  I love my Chromebook, but there's no chance I'm buying a pixel until the ratio is corrected and the price is cut at least in half.
3:2 ratio is actually one of the better features of this device.
+Dodo Casanova, why should Google sell all their hardware at a loss? look at the bright side, one of Google's partners will come out with a mid ranged Chrome Book in the $550 price range, and it will look at that much cheaper thanks to the Pixel. In fact, I would be willing to bet this was in the plan. It is important for Google's partners to make profit here. They know it and their partners know it. Offering a low ball product and a supper high end product always makes the mid tier sell well. This holds true for all products. So now we sit and wait for the mid tier to come out.

And I am with +Cody Russell on this one. The 3:2 ratio is perfectly ideal for web browsing and browser based apps. 
+Jacob Chappell There already are Chromebooks in that price range.  The Samsung Series 5 550 for example.
+Joseph Greene kind of, yeah. They are mostly just the same low end hardware as the rest, with better profit margins.  What I think the Pixel will do is drive up the quality of the mid tier by a notable factor, and that is the one I am excited to see. The Pixel is fine for me, but I would not get my kids one.
An interesting thought: isn't the Macbook Air just a $1,300 browser for most people? 
+Jacob Chappell Yeah, I'm interested to see where Chromebooks go in the near future.  I'm perfectly fine with my Acer that I used for everything except turning in final papers in my M.Ed. program due to Google Docs not being able to do APA formatting.

I'm starting to think Google has a game changer in the laptop world and are so far ahead of the curve that few see it right now.
The Pixel is designed to be a gamechanger showing "what's next." I love my Samsung Chromebook because it's an inexpensive, relatively disposable device compared to my UltraBook which was stolen on a recent trip to Asia. If this device goes missing, it's more annoying than devastating given that all of my data, software and links are in the cloud and instantly regainable [if that was a word]. Having a beautiful $1300 version would be a very different experience.
I would sure love to use the Pixel if I was somehow given it for free (or at a very much reduced price) as it looks like a very cool device. But at that price point I'll pass.
+Rosa Golijan oh, why do you keep teasing me with cool geekery that we cannot get in NZ? I think Frodo had an easier job getting the ring to Mt Doom than getting some Google goodies here.
I love the Samsung Chromebook (ARM-based, $250) I recently got. I installed ChrUbuntu onto an SD Card so I can boot to Ubuntu whenever I please, for more classic computing.
As such, it has completely replaced my iPad in every aspect of my life. The Chromebook niche is one that fits my needs/use. ^_^

But the Pixel is way overpriced when compared to many "real" laptops available. The Lenovo Yoga's, for example.
Computers like this are the future. The sooner consumers and developers realize this, the better. Think of this laptop and its better hardware as preparation for the future of cloud computing.
I'm still in love with my TF300T to start looking at other bodies, but I am all for Google's rocking the boat on concept, design and purpose. I wonder if they will give them away at I/O with one off case designs again. 
+Rosa Golijan What can you do on the Chromebooks that would make me want one? I've always been confused by this particular product. 
Do you feel like you're cheating on your iPad when you use it?
I always wondered if you could store your OS on the cloud and instead of having to waste space on a hard drive just have a laptop with minimal storage space lots of ram (and i mean alot) and a really fast processor.  Imagine what that could do to the tablet / pc industry, suddenly they are lighter and smaller.  minimal hardrive use so you could probably reduce the size of the cooling fan.  It would basically just be an access point to the cloud 
Looks like a rip off of an older Mac book pro. Great $1300 web browser. 
What not to like a touchscreen and LTE. Apple the ball on your court now. 
They aren't looking to price it properly.  They are attempting to shift the industry with this product.  (Check out the display.)

They will probably give away as many as they sell in hopes that new apps will be written.  Let's see what happens over the next year to 18 months.
So you're impressed with a $200 computer w/$1300 screen
And would people quit calling it a retina display. Uggghhhhhhh! retina display makes no f$&:kn sense. may have mentioned it...well endorsed...
For something with "book" in its name, "pixel" sounds really small. Oh, were you making a pun when you said you loved it "quite a bit"?
I really like chrome and i'm using chrome browser & cell 
You love an overpriced over glorified net book? $1300 is way too much for what this thing does. It's got the power to do more but Chrome OS will severely limit its uses. 
When the internet is down it still looks good on the shelves ;)
I like it spec wise. But as a sys admin am a bit of a power user. Am on the fence. 
It's keep on looking for new things 
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