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Wow. This is all sorts of gorgeous.

Painting by +Charmaine Olivia.
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munju s dumbfounded by the beauty and perfection
rosa golijan i love you call love you love kiss
rosa golijan I love you I love you do you love me in the answer tonight do you want to marry me give me an answer tonight call me
Mahamudra hand pose - teaching mode. Is it me, or are here aeriolas winking at me? hahaha
not a painting but an art of wisdom
wow really  gorgeous.!
+Butch Adams if she says yes you'll be a very lucky man, she's a beautiful and intelligent woman
Thank u for ur sharing photos
+Mark Kazlow. Just stating the obvious that Rosa is an attractive woman, but your entitled to your own opinion, and if Rosa dislikes my comment I'll apologise to her personally. 
Apologies, this is wasted on me. I must be missing something.
i have never seen this kind of beauty in art this time.
its alright, I like the colors. But it reminds me of this girl I knew that was way into faeries. Like TOO into faeries. Everything she owned was covered in glitter, and she always talked about seeing faeries and other mythical creatures...but yeah, nice colors.
I love you love you do you love me do you want to get married yes or no answer that question
rosa golijan i love you I love you too do you love me let's get married I want to marry you we live a good life we make love in no hurry day I bet you got a fine body I bet you got a free on everything
Looks like a mermaid to me l like it.
This reminds me of those days when I see colors coming out of nowhere.
Really gorgeous.  It is just like you Rosa
kya pagal pan; pan hain
o mg that's  amazing painting 
very nice but something is missing aggregation 
we are  friend am very happy .and you so .remember pm for me
Great! attractive & dream full pic.
A lil weed and this is beyond imagination...
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