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Boy, Siri really doesn't like it when I confuse her with +Google Glass...

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Very funny Rosa. Like haha
And in case anyone's wondering: Saying "OK Google Now" causes Siri to display Google's stock price.
Obvious jealousy. Your phone is showing signs of becoming self aware. For humanity, the best option is to throw it in a chipper shredder at your first opportunity. 
+Kent Andrews: This may explain why my iPhone was acting up when I first brought home an Android device...
Mmm...there's a jailbreak tweak that'd let you turn on Siri with the "Ok Google Now" command. Although mine is set up to reply to "Jarvis" :p
Can apple be trusted with anything you ask siri?
Most passive-aggressive Easter Egg ever?
Yeah, Google and wolfram-alpha aren't reliable sources /s
Would Siri shut down permanently (or would your iPhone explode) if you said, "OK Siri - my name is Google Glass"?
Well at least she has a sense of humor! lol
Siri is the wrong assistant. Apple was right about one thing. All the new cool stuff Google did with search in the last month or two and Apple was working on more jokes.

I guess if it makes you laugh you forget that it never did what you wanted in the first place. Now that's innovation.
That's great! Even Google+ folks have to admit its funny. 
That's just sad. Apple wanted to own voice search, now all they can do is watch in frustration as Google Now gets farther and farther away. The snarky comments depict an Apple that is inept at AI. Whoever put them into Siri should be fired for embarrassing Apple once more. 
+Bogdan Nafornita I truely believe Siri was conventionally sent to Apple by some from Google. "Nah, we don't need that we have something better in the works. Someone leak it to Apple so they can look like the fool." I laugh every time I hear Siri. 
My iPhone siri always stoping work when I say (open Facebook) what a shit! Anybody had the same problem? 
+Chetan Takyar Tell me what is so great in iOS 7 about Siri? Which feature did they copy from Google that you like? The natural sounding voice?
+Manny Brum HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA does Google now have the ability to toggle off WiFi 3G Bluetooth etc? No it doesnt. So STFU. 
+Chetan Takyar Well I could see the benefit to that if Siri had always on voice like the Moto X but since you have to push a button to talk to Siri, it's quicker to just push the toggle button. What it can't do is all the stuff that Google does with finding relevant information.

Toggle BT/WiFi on Siri: Push a button, talk, wait for a response.

Toggle BT/WiFi on Android: Push a button. Done.
+Chetan Takyar OK I'm going to have to step in on that one because the Control Center on iOS 7 is just like the quick settings menu that first appeared in Android 4.2 but was available on other Android skins like Cyanogenmod and TouchWhiz since Android 2.2. The biggest difference is the arrangement of toggles and the direction the menu is activated from.

But if you want to talk about copying features what about live wallpapers and the active notifications.

One thing everyone is getting confused is they are comparing Siri And Google Now but they are not the same thing. Siri is a digital voice assistant. All you do is talk to it. So of course turning on features using your voice is something you would expect. Google now is for searching and displaying relevant information when it is needed. Sure it has some voice features but that is not its primary feature. That is why I say it is a more useful tool than Siri. That said don't make it seem as though it is difficult to add those system settings to Android, in fact Android already has built into its framework the ability for apps to interact with one another and the system. iOS doesn't allow apps to implement other apps or access the system. 
+Martino Henderson Different approaches man. I prefer Siri's method on my iPhone rather then my Nexus 4. I don't need it to remind how far my home is away and how to get there. I know where it is. 
+Chetan Takyar That's all it displays because you don't use it. It's a learning app. You don't have search history on it doesn't work.

Go to Google voice search and say "what movie has 4 kids walking on the train track".

Now do it on Siri.
+Manny Brum Well I do. It tells me best photo places, it tells me directions to resturants I searched for, that's useful but only sometimes. 
Hahaha I tried that and Siri said the same thing
+Rosa Golijan So what are you still doing with the iPhone? What are your thoughts on s4?
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