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"Come down to the security desk? Need you to claim some balloons."

The folks at Mophie decided to have a bunch of balloons delivered to my office for some reason. They're now floating above my head as I work.
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Take a breath of helium and give em a call thanking them for the balloons.
Ha! Their marketing dept. is high-fiving themselves bout now.
All you need now is some darts and this could become a game .. :)
Now that's what I call 'Cloud Computing'
With the global Helium shortage, you should feel priviledged!
I'll take the one that says "morphine"!
So you could tag them with a cool post, of course...
maybe they just thought you were a balloon type of person. :-)
paper clip and rubber band is all i would need to begin the popping!
I hope they had a little Juice Pack to weigh those balloons down!
+Rosa Golijan They sent balloons to other NYC techies, including us at Engadget and Joanna over at ABC. Strangest stunt I've seen... in a little while, anyways.
+Jon Fingas : I noticed BX Chen at the NYT had the same issues with his office mailroom as I with mine. I don't get why balloons require us to go downstairs while all other goods sent by messenger are brought to our desks. 
+Rosa Golijan Might have backfired, then! Mophie ended up with a whole lot of slightly annoyed journalists.
You are being preened with white things. Are't you? Yesterday the snow, today the balloons, tomorrow a wedding gown - may be? Or at least a white Egyptian bed sheet? 
Now I know what mophie is. Mission accomplished!
Warning: Don't use that name when in South Africa. ;p
new trend: valentine's day baloons! and since Rosa is special, she got hers a bit early.
Thanks god they are balloons over your head..
should be moRphine !!!!!!!!!!!!
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