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I'm kinda looking forward to this event. Bring on the Galaxy S IV.
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I like galaxy s lV
waiting to see how htc and samsung compete!
what are they asking for this wonder of technology?
I just realized they're announcing it on Pi Day! Wonder if that was intentional?
I'm excited! It may be time to expense out a new phone. :)
And me wating for this event
Im excited too ..can anyone tell me its estimated cost.
I'm looking forward to a new much bigger Galaxy Note that comes with skateboard wheel attachment so I can ride it.
Yes! Getting an outfit just for this event. 
Typo in the poster? Should be "Unboxed" :o)
...the old flip phone variety had great features for recording 3 minute tunes to send SMS with edited images + text.
can't wait for Samsung galaxy s4 ;)
i cant wait but im more inpacient with the note 3 the rumers are that it might be made with y.o.u.m
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