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I think the bird on the right must be a black belt ... in some type of bird-friendly martial art.

Photo by Marcin Nawrocki.
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The bird on the left is about to regret even showing up for this ..
You'll taste my newly learned double dragon fists today ...take that ! Yiiihaaa
Must be Bruce Lee's pet +1 for the share 
Eagle Style Awesome
The bird on the left has a sudden look of fear
More like bird-hostile. Captivating shot.
lolol The eyes of the left eagle lol "Wtf?!" "Oh Sh**
+John Yu: Early morning? Doesn't everything after 7 a.m. qualify as just ... morning?
This looks similar to the cock fight conductedin my place
I can't believe no one has said 'Chuck Norris' !!!
oh wait .... this isn't YouTube
Very the high kick.
Symbol or America jousting with America
They're lesbians trying to get some scissor action...#BirdPorn
trying to get you in the world of peace and love....
they told us if we do not have patience the we fight like that
Ha!! Angry Birds,beware piggy's
Is this modern day Dino Wars? In the Dinosaurs extinction it is believed that many evolved to birds.
from where do you come up with all these pictures? lol
beautifull.i like it.Life is War.........
The bird on the left is a black belt in brazilian jiu jitdu hi's just waiting for the one in the right make his move just watch the pic carefully
Golden eagles are amazing scrapers
Awesome JAH's handy works are powerful
I think the bird on the right has a black feather around his waist.
thinking this is a cause of bird of prey vs a bird of pray.... amzing picture
The bird on the left looks like Pacquiao right before...... 
i think they are mating the eagles interlock their claws and fall to the ground maybe they were scared at the last moment
yellow beaks always win those fights. common sense
i think the bird on the left must be amazing of the other beauty bird that is behind of right bird.that isnt in the picture
Dammm captured, really nice flick ....
M Fauzi
yeah.. nice pict :) i like it
great can you help me..............................i also love art
Can't guess whether a falcon or a eagle ... Or may be both could be the same 
only the strongest can win and i believe it will be the right-side bird
Is it a scene from an epic battle...?
My eagle-claw style is stronger than your pathetic, um, eagle-claw style?
That moment when you realize, "Hey! there's enough rabbits out here for everybody."
Haha cute laugh :D just what i needed cheerz!!
everybodys kung fo fighting
but i think they are fighting for sth
nice puc eww what u talking about
what's with the potty mouth?  Grow up
Where do you think martial arts come from :-) watching animals
Never make your move until they're sure they have you!
so its Bruce Lee style huh!!! (with wings and stuff)
Bird on left just saw the gunman aiming long riffle at his buddy on the right!
Mating ritual Male on the right, like previous comment interlocking mid air. Really cool. 
Speculating of course 
Flying Eagle Kick........
KC Khoo
buzz off, the rabbit is mine...
this fight run some time but human fight are continuing.........
Just like a rookie to bring Crane Style to an Eagle fight!!!
It's a world war 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........................Sort of.
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Is that real!? If so, that I one perfectly timed, lucky, or just amazing photo. 
How u.
Right one is very angry
Ahhh these kids are watching too much movies...
I think there wings god gifted and every things be amaging and uniqe maden
by god.........................
Bird on the right..." Youuuuu keeled my bruddah! Now youuuu must dieeeeee!"
yup...right. His flying kick is very perfect
You can see the left one eyes is like oops I'm done 
does the bird have a knive sticking out of it's foot
yeap I think you're right
If you'll notice, one is tagged, and the other is not. Was the bird on the left in captivity for some reason? Is that why he might be less likely to win thus battle of claws and dominance? 
The 80% of a Fight is just cover and attitude, the eagle of the right side have it
I hope the first bird is Pet. see the ring on the left leg.
Kezza B
The one on the left doesn't seem to care that its just about to get Smashed!
ولی فکر کنم عقاب چپیه غافلگیر شده باشد
Nature is just and mean to each other. As long as they got over their dispute it must be that fair play got their priorities right.
Such is life.
Just need some Matrix effects and the soundtrack playing in the background.
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Very nice shot! Those birds are just beautiful :)
Bird Martial Art? So...perhaps...Taekwon-Crow? Wing chun? Fujian White Crane? Kung Fu Eagle Claw?

Thank you! I'll be here all night. Try the chicken...
Bird on the right has lost its balance and is reaching out to grab something, from free fall
As life is we all end up once in a while in fights.
Now that not may be the best of solutions but it is a Natural instinct.
It's all fun an games till someone loses an eye
Bird on the right is going right for the throat... other bird is wondering why in the flip he ate that egg.
Eagles belong to the Accipitridae family of birds(these two belong to the Assgetskickedtoday family)
So that's what a falcon punch looks like 
Yeah, now that you mention it....The bird on the left, stands absolutely no chance!
Nice Work...
now i know from where jet li learnt his moves :-P 
I think so . The eagel must be black belt
Dear Rosa,
Hop is all is Well ,
That moment when you realize, "Hey! there's enough rabbits out here for everybody.
Have a nice day
Yeah the bird on the left is gona regret this the one the right doesnt have a black belt hes got an eagle claw thats about to tare some ass. Come on eagle on the left " You can dooo it"..
Se Sd
Golden eagles are magnificent!
I also think that bird on left is pretty much dead meat!looks like the talons on the bird on right are headed straight for his neck
That looks cool,go bird on the right!!
Bird on the right is about a year older than the one on the left.  Turf war!  Birds are very, very territorial and raptors even more so
Yeah hes like, you gona learn today.
Wow wat clarity beautifully captured,
I m also aggree with your comments.
The skill must have taken it some time to acquire or is it acase of innate tendency?
The eagle is coming with a king fu kick straight to the neck!! 
JJackie Chan watch out!!!!!!
Ray J
Is there a voice over to go with that pic...?
1, differences in feathering and beaks would lead me to believe this is a male/female dispute, but, 2, has anyone else noticed the one on the left has an anklet, therefore, possibly rescued or domesticated at some previous point in its life? Nature rules.
If I am not mistaking this is the American golden eagle.  They look spectacular and I love them.
That would b a sight to see in person
may b this is y god didn't gave them hands
Those aren't just any ordinary birds! Golden Eagles
چقدر خاطر خواه داری
 would i would like too think it is friendly combat between the twobirds!
What an absolutely stunning catch!
Aww, they just like each other. Don't you know what happens next?
(Okay, just kidding, but eagle mating displays can look pretty violent.)
Awesome pic. I often wonder how people are able to get shots like these.
nice pic what did u google to get it
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......./.. ..(__ __
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▓▓........ ..((_ I___)
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▓▓---._( (I_ )
the one on the left must be a pet
Nice golden egals at least they are free
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