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A monk and a tiger calmly share a meal. Incredible.

Photo by Wojtek Kalka.
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Atypical, I am sure. A tiger is a tiger.
Eric O
Hope that monk doesn't run out of food and become the next meal.
Is this a picture of Pi? Looking forward to seeing this in The Life of Pi movie
I just want to scratch his chin and give him a hug. That big kitty there.
Not much sharing going on there; the tiger's basically eating the whole thing while the monk is trying to shoo it away with chopsticks.
+James Pope Not true! The tiger is sharing the gift of life. He's letting the monk live.  ;)

Joking aside, that's a beautiful cat, and a beautiful picture.
today is eating inside plate, tomorrow is going to eat u...
This is by far a very beautiful picture..very touching too!!!
^^^ what's that on his back that looks like an extra hand?
buddhist monks are generally known to be able to coexist peacefully with animals of all sorts, it is believed this is due to their innate ability of oneness and let's say courage, or, ability to be fearless in the face of such majestic beasts. animals can smell fear and perceive it as a threat sometimes.
Cute and bad ass :D I love it! What an awesome friendship 
That is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is nothing more precious than the bonding of a man and his tiger.
+Rosa Golijan Here's the link :- The temple is near Kanchanburi in Thailand. The temple is now very famous. There's also a place called Tiger Kingdom on the outskirts of  Chiang Mai which is approx 500 miles north of Bangkok.
That photo was before the monk became the tiger's desert.
who knows. maybe we an all do that. It's just so natural
I want to be at peace like that
It's real, I think it's in Thailand.
The monk seems to be worrying about what will be left for him:-(
Do you know where this picture is taken from?
That could definitely be real
Nice pic.....buddy's playing with his life though..
Taking 'being a cat person' to a whole new level. very cool
It's the first time I've seen a main course serve the appetizer.
AWESOME it's like that new movie that about to come out LIFE OF PI but WAY COOLER!!!
I shared a bowl of fresh blueberries with a scary chipmunk this past summer....
Awesome. Wish I was that brave.
I wouldn't eat that anymore if I were him.
nice photo i once shared a bowl of chips with my baby brother now thats scary
Fantastic display,I wish 2 be brave like this Monk.
Hope he doesn't run out of food 
Nice dish washer 
wow. that is amazing to us, but to them it is a regular thing.
Nice dish washer 
Maybe the bowl is a starter and the monk the main course!
Tiger - "How about you eat this food and then i eat you." win - win.
the tiger is like"yummy food":)
the tiger and a man become friends , but there are people never understand friendship and love . 
i find that so heart touching that i took out my heart and started touching it
I bet you that monk knows muay thai and could easily Ong Bak that tiger to death. 
20 seconds later, the tiger ate his second course: the monk.
amazing picture, kind of unique and rare
I hope it remains sharing.
no way ill never like to get this close
Humans should learn from the image how to live in harmony in the environment . Since humans are also social animal in science 
And the tiger is saying "once the food in the bowl is gone, I am going to have a tattooed monk next". 
oh dang . wish i could do that
Wicked picture not that he could really argue with it thou 
It is amazing, how the power of the mind can control an animal so strong
till the monk has no more food,then its curtains.
:-) ,AWESOME PIC BUT FREAKY:-) :-) :-) :-) ))))
As I understand it, these monks are friends with tigers, they boil the blood away from the meat and give it to the tigers as their staple food. I wonder if the tigers are friendly to any human or just the ones they know and trust. It's still an awsome thing to see :)
Tiger came through,, "u eating that??? Didn't think so..." 
What a wonderful world...wonder how could this be possible?
I own a pitbull I know it's not the same as the tiger but I do for me believe that if you understand the animals in nature did you present yourself in the proper fashion you can coexist peacefully.
Monk doesn't eat meat, tiger only eat meat,so what they ate?
Looks to me like only one of them is eating... And it's the right one!
Looks like a tiger has a collar around the neck and is chained (right behind and across the left hand). Doesn't tell if it helps but a man could escape thanks to that  :) Wonderful image and I'm sure they must be a good friends there!
Amber F
Nice! I wish I could do that without the tiger eating me... o_o
Wow, I hope he keeps that tiger well fed before he becomes its next meal!
I would like that tiger as a
why all about 'eat&hungry'? this pic describes the kindness to the living animal even with the most fiece one on this planet.
How can the monk and tiger share the food it's so strange
Really! incredible very nice......! 
Sorry to interrupt all the wow's and cute's here... But just use your brains. THIS IS NOT NATURAL! AND ITS NOT CUTE! The tigers are held in small cages and being beaten to death sometimes so as they don't attack these fake monks! And all this to please you and make you thinking thats peace. Bullshit!
They were not sharing a meal the tiger was having a starter before eating the monk.
That monk's gonna have tiger breath. And tigers lick their privates!! Yecch!!!
that tiger probably rolled over afterward wanting his belly rubbed too.
Once the lion was done with the main course, guess who was on the desert menu?
The tiger looks so cute, especially its eyes and ears!
Wow that is crazy! That man must be very brave.
It's normal. When you're kind with all and living in peace then everything is peaceful.
"What you going to do about it, Ya I ate your rice. Better then eating you"
In fact it is the othr way: the tiger feeding on the monk
I thought tigers are carnivores and monks are vegan...
I hope the tiger isn't still hungry after it's all gone.
I'm not really sure, but is the tiger domesticated?
Another angle side of the friendlyship between human & wild animal.
that is awesome!!!!!!!
love or affection makes these possible~we must lov nature &animals
I don't like cats. But this one is cool.
What a picture, that'll taught us to be more care to nature
I would trust that tiger more than I would most people
i loove animals i would so do that
Wow - out of 700 comments +Justin Hill & +Andy Buchan were the only two to look this up and reveal reality.  The picture is awesome, tigers are beautiful and most people are lazy. 
Surely thats not a wild, untamed tiger!
+Rosa Golijan I sure hope the tiger got full from the little bowl of whatever it was... if not... well just say I don't want to see the video... : )
That's so nice to man and animal coming together 
If he stays that close long enough he will eventually be toast
my cousin went to that place and took pictures with tigers that were right next to him.
Oh! Its happining it is unbelivable xtreemly charming and well combination & relation with nature
I have think I have met that tiger - Tiger Temple Thailand
I bet that monk could totally kick that tiger's ass if it got uppity.
under no circumstances would i be ever be as calm as this guy if a tiger walked up to me like that.. He is one brave person!
would be nice to have a tiger of my own
Now that is at Peace with one shelf
Dave H
And then the tiger shared the monk with itself.
Sure, that tiger is relatively tame but I guarantee that monks not stupid enough to turn his back on it.
Breathtaking....though you have to wonder if whats in the bowl is just the appetizer.
That's amazing!  If that were me, I would be cat food!
thats so cool! where is it?
Try that after the lion hasn't eaten in 3 weeks. :)
Looks to me like the tiger is having an appetizer.
Ultimate compassion !
Only in Thailand.
thats what you do when a tiger comes to lunch. you share or you die. hehe. awesome pic. i think i would be dead in this situation.
That's still an adolescent tiger, they tend to be less tear your arm offy. Offy is a word now.
Looks like the Tiger got most of the meal :-)
this monk should be bald and so should the tiger
Did you see the photo taken several minutes later when the monk ran out of rice and the tiger was still hungry?
when they ran out of food, who's next? the tiger or the monk? :)
im sure he could take the tiger down with a flip of his chop sticks...
very sweet to see
Aww I want a pet tiger.... hope it won't eat me though(0.0)
It's good the monk shared..he could have been the meal if he didn't.
Gus A.
But yeah that is boss
yeh and when this innocent animal attacks, they will kill it?
beautiful,their so majestic it would almost be worth the risk to get
that close to one, much less share that moment.
That monk's expression... so funny! Still, it's amazing
Love,care& food.Tiger think monk is his father.
I'm sure that the monk could take down the tiger in a flick of his chopsticks
Gus A.
Tigers Life: Eat, Eat with chopsticks, Eat people
The monk has more to worry from the communist than the Tiger
Awww. Look at the little kitty cat.
Cause he knows the monk will beat the stripes off his fur.
Mom, we will be getting a tiger..and his name shall be Tiger. okay? ok
I' pretty sure that if the cat came over and started eating I would not stop him. What would do? Smack him on the nose! There are many lunch options nearby including you. 

It's still a neat picture. Twisted sense of humour aside.
Tiger is just having appetizer...
Animals can sense fear,seems logical that they can also sense peace! Just lost a family member,so I'm wishing peace on everyone now and through the holidays.
Mi La
So admirable
Love,trust,share. Wow! What a photo! Amazing!
Is a matter of Time the tiger will change his mood. Got no food. ....see the next move. upward upright and down. He squeeze the trigger.
Cute pic. But if you search the net for "Thailand Tiger Temple", you'll find a lot of controversy regarding the treatment of their tigers and their exchanges with a tiger farm in Laos. A coalition of 39 conservation groups, including the Humane Society International, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the World Wide Fund for Nature have been after them.
life takes many forms
rob big
I never realized that monks could have tattoos!
editing does wonders, lol you can tell its fake, and he was probly eatin!!:)
haha that guy is an idiot. that thing would easily pound him flat
Raising it to sell it to Chinese for $20 to make tiger bone wine?
Headline..Tiger went crazy! Reality is, the tiger went tiger.
Gandhiji born again.., it should like this oly...!
Because in india tigers are depleting
Oh how I love Tigers!!! they are the most beautiful things on earth!!!!!
All the focus and comments are on how cute the animal is and not the human...people would rather compliment an animal and not their fellow being
is the monk still alive right now?
I would'nt want to eat out off the same dish. But it is an adorable picture.
Monk's food is vegetarian, isn't it? Are monks allowed to meat in Thai?
Monk not happy. Tiger is eating too much.
Monk happy tiger not eating him.
Monk scared if tiger is saving him for desert.
tiger are now officialy mans bestfriend..
jeo k
Tiger say if you don't let me eat your food then i will eat you ............. hahaha
wow that is so so so so so so cool!
Humans are killing tigers off by ruining their habitats. They have more of a right be be here than us and this picture is a perfect example that we could coexist together if only the majority of the world wasn't so ignorant.
I went to a tiger sanctuary in Thailand and petted about 8-10 different tigers. It was a awesome experience. I wanted to feed them but there was no room on the list.
Yeah but what happens when they finish the meal and the tiger is still hungry....
"Peaceful co-existence"...pretty special...shows an "understanding" on a whole different level, I'd say.
The Tiger is sedated, it is a park (Tiger Temple - Kanchanaburi) in Thailand open for public view where anyone can take a picture with unchained Tiger living openly (not in any cage) and because it is a temple there are monks
Love the pic! reminds me of Hosea 2:18 And for them I shall certainly conclude a covenant in that day in connection with the wild beast of the field and with the flying creature of the heavens and the creeping thing of the ground, and the bow and the sword and war I shall break out of the land,and I will make them lie down in security.
Omg I'm short of word's.just to be in control of your emotions in front of a large animal.
at peace with himself an all around him thats the way the human race should be not the senseless wars an conflicts we see each day.this picture proove we can be at peace with everything dont you think .its beautiful.
What a beautiful picture. That is how we should live on planet Earth. Side by side.
Beautiful picture, love the tiger:-) :-) 
The monks are famous for their rapour with the tigers it is unusual for them to be hurt
In Thailand soo nkow problem .and budis you Can play vit tiger.
they've got one thing in common; cool until/unless proveked.
Many years ago I had the opportunity to actually pet and play with a tiger. It was very weird knowing that he could've killed me at any moment.  Obviously he didn't. LOL.  He was a big baby a pet not at all like the tiger in the picture. Trick is to not show fear and they don't attack. 
And now... the desert
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