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What an utterly peaceful scene.

Photo by La Mo.
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ying li
wow.great night!!
This picture has such a soothing and calming effect , I wish I could live in a place like this
wow its great to see..............
Wow! I wanna go lay under those stars!
Maybe if I stare at it long enough, it'll help me fall asleep. 
That actually looks like a Windows wallpaper image someone enhanced. They did a real nice job.
That is absolutely astonishing!!!

The number of notifications I am recieving is just too damn high
wow!! where is this place?
Really wouldn't you much rather be in the big Not! That's very beautiful!
I'd never return from this place.
Great with romantic place
Simpy Stunning .................What Peace !
Is that real or fake?
Jon A.
Will never see that many stars here in New Jersey.
of course not, that looks just fireflies
Follow my travels back to Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea...
I want to go there my self p.s. very realaxing 
beautiful night with stars & blue
beautiful night wall
It's funny that it appears that way to our eyes, isn't it? 
wonderfulllll, i want to take rest their in the arms of my life partner
I don't think this photo is real because this view is not possible without editing.
M Irfan
Beauty of night
is it real...its too beautiful 
wow gr8... n wonderful plce.......
Just beautiful, could never see this from the confines of even a small town, so much light pollution.

kind of a cynical view Ryan haha 
really want to enjoy
This was not taken from earth was it? I am very sure its on another planet.
Vanda S
Looks like Bora Bora
Wow very nice to look at the stars
You can get lost in that scene
Don't want to miss an opportunity to be here with him.........come fast let's go,DEAR
wow, what wonderful eyes, and lips, and....:)
thi ha
like this
Md Adil
Good when you will come to India and see that kind of pics...
God is just a perfect creator what a nice place!
its awsome....i want to be there for a while....
Dan Lee
Lovely photo shopped scene 
Dead Island has ruined scenes like this for me...
wow sometime i was thinking this cenario when i am upset
Any body is there im come this site for first time and i cant work good
I feel luky with this pic
Any body is there im come this site for first time and i cant work good
Its too cool and thanks 4 sharing!
Tayah A
Awww, wish I was there!
Plz some body speak with me
Mystical , Mesmerising , magical .
That night is beautiful magical wonderful it is everything that looks pretty!!!!!!!!!

I would live there forever. With no computer or phone either.
Wish it was painted on the roof at work
Good lord! that's majestically intense!
I'm there already! albeit in astral form :)
Ohh... Very good use of words from you prince sir
Seems like an amazing place reminds me the nightfall sky in San Pedro de Atacama.. amazing
Where can I find full resolution? This should be my Android wallpaper
where was this photo taken? It's so amazing! Nice job!
Laying down and looking up at that would be amazing. 
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like you took a camera into a dream
i agree it would be awesome to just look up at them with somone
nice for a unreal place on the Earth
Wish I wuz there looked like lots of peace there..
I love the blue sky with star 
It offers an interesting thought on our point of view, that this much nuclear fusion can be seen as peaceful. Very nice.
This picture shows the Earth with no electricity.
I enjoyed nights at sea when in the Navy, really bright 
How I would like to be sitting there drinking a glass of champagne
it was so nice and cool,will forget all worries here
Beautiful peaceful starfill night to relax with Stars
wao! i want to walk this way also
Zee A
Heavenly and sooo peacefull!
i wana enjoy this night with my life partner.its realy goood
I wish the stars were this bright where I live.  Support
beautiful night,i could write a love song
This looks like the road to heaven. To spend an hour, in peace, admiring the sublime. Thanks for this :-)

you've got problems with memory..second time the same picture (just a little different tint)..cellphone's really damaging your brain..Rosa, ponder over this;)
What a nice picture it is! so so mervalous
~ So beautiful & a beautiful dream <3 ~ 
Is picture really in the world 
what a surprise scenery it is!
this is very nice picture,filling is so hard,sky blue,a stella polare  fa luce a tuttu quanti,che anno bisogno di essere speciali cosi tanto che voi dire che sono fellice per che ormai abbiamo artista Dio che chi voglio di tanto bene tutti quanti nell sui caminno attraverso della vita,e non averre paura da fare le cose con il Cuore,verso altri,e gioire a gustare ogni momento nelle Vita!!!Bellissima.
Really beautiful, I love it.China also has many beautiful landscapes.Welcome to China.
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