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I adore how dreamy this image feels.

Photo by Bhuminan Piyathasanan/AtomicZen.
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Wow...reminds me that I'm so over due for a vacation.

You sure keep some late night hours. ;-)
+Rosa Golijan 
+Ruben Garcia: I caught myself starting to open travel sites right after looking at the photo...
This is very nice... the layered rocks remind me of Havasu in the Grand Canyon
Gay ram
Arun A
Oh! Beautiful pics
Makes you almost believe in a divine power ..until you read the news!
it's a really nice picture... I just don't know if that sky was actually there or it's been edited in....
Very nice picture, wish I was there !
i love how he got the other photographer in the photo. and it makes you realize  that other guy could have taken this photo if  he would have stood 20 yards to his left.. haha
Beautiful don't have words to explain my feeling
Where is this beautiful place?!
What is it called?
Mother Nature sure knows how to use colour!
Wow....!really see this scene
Ouma `
wow so beautiful
M Mosel
Looks quite surreal.
Great pic especially as the weather in the uk is so horrid!
look into my eyes, im dreaming already
amazing picture.its a natural beauty.
You are mor beuteful than the picture
Stunning, just stunning. 
Adi J
incredible... good shot
whatta scenery :) its a triple thumbs up :)
What a stunning picture
Dream-like.  Incredibly fascinating !
A tru master da creator.
I normally ignore all these photos as there's so many of them but this one is nice. Combine it with a nice temperature and I'd like to be there.
munju s
Realy dreamy...
Where can I get this shot, so beautiful 
Wonderful location I like that 
Yes, I love Photoshop too.
I think it very intising. Luv it!!!
the person it it kinda ruins it
A perfect dream ..! Nothing beats it so far ..! 
Is this edited?if not,i like it.peacefull
This is why you shoot RAW
You read minds, Rosa! Expand on it, please.
IT takes my breath away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ohh.. i mean not edit
but this awesome
Image seems to match your own photo. Warm, interesting and exciting 
to be more dreaming place, i need to sit beside my dream honey...
and I adore how beautiful your sexy face is
wow wow dat a nice pic ever i c
wow wow dat a nice pic ever i c
Would love to chill on that beach today!
Oh to jst xplor that beach and walk it.wooow
I adore how dreamy your image feels
Fake. Its drawn out. Notice how the water goes over the rocks without splashing on it.
fantastical beach...i'm dreaming now
Quy Ngo
Beautiful picture

nice picture is this real???
nice view nice timing and nice camera..
Lovely scenery even that pretty lady in the FOREGROUND 
+Rosa Golijan  makes you relax a bit doesn't it   the serenity of the coast line with the sunset on the horizon  is comforting 
Hopes to see this one live. For me it willbe like a dream.
It's almost surreal. Very beautiful.
It feels, before the storm ......., fascinating 
+Rosa Golijan cool,now all you have to do is book a holiday over here :-)
And come n say hi :-)
We family were watching your image ,how creator is. Good night & God bless.

It looks cool. Leaves one with fantasies and love.

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