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I think I'm going to start using cards like this for all my handwritten correspondences.

Image via RedLetterPaperCo/Etsy.
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I'd do that too. But I don't think anyone uses non-electronic cards anymore (not seen any since years)
Happy valentine's day Dear , Rosa
In today's realm of electronic communications, a rarity for sure, but there will always be a personal touch that is associated with handwritten messages.
never lost the natural tuch. a good point rosa. 
I still don't understand with the text 'Sent from my iPhone' other than free publicity for Apple. I would just remove that from my signature as soon as I buy one...even Samsung has started including it in their email application!!
Last time I sent a hand-written message it cost me a fortune in postage...those stone tablets are heavy!
I love and miss handwritten notes/communication - there's something there in reading another person's tells a story! +Rosa Golijan which pen is that? ;)
But I try don't use papers, it is way to save forest. )
Paper is not made from wild forest trees. Trees are grown on farms as are wheat,corn ect. Using paper employs people.
Not to mention the time it takes to chisel - why do you think Moses was on the mount for days! +Steve Martin - I did use my stylus to handwrite this message!
and put one of those wax seals on the back. Retro!
Or you can use an Android smartphone instead.
I'm going to use it in all my email signatures. 
i would rather get a letter than a text anyday!!
It would be nice to actually have a piece of mail you can hold in your hand again. Very cool idea, now if I had an iPhone!
Is it ok from an Android Phone or WP or BB?
Happy valentine's day dear ,Rosa
glad to meet you. 
... alternatively, one could resort to photographing hand written messages to send online...
Good morning, let's talk about this problem may we can come up with a solution on presidents holiday Rose
You should type something just off the wall "Message sent from Trendmill" and tag yourself at the gym, people will flip.
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