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Google's data centers are guarded by Stormtroopers!
Google's letting us virtually tour one of its data centers using Street View now. Naturally, this means that we'll see all sorts of weird things — like this odd security detail, which +Nicolai Imset noticed.

You can take a virtual walk around the spot guarded by this Stormtrooper — who appears to be standing around Google's data center in Lenoir, NC — here:
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Dang, now they need to have mouse droids and the like scampering about underfoot. I can hear their doot-doot-doot noises now.
Bing servers are full of Wookiees. True story. 
pretty neat,but it seems Apple's data center won't be overweighed by this
isn't he a little short to be an R2?
+Rosa Golijan If it wasn't clear Google had a sense of humor, it's definitely crystal-clear now. I'd award them +1 Internets, but they kind of own it already anyway.  ;)
+Rosa Golijan some ancient space robot guy in a corner? Same Office/Datacenter as Storm Trooper

THanks to +Hugo Fernandes that really found Storm Trooper (I assume unless he just passed along information as well) :) I just passed along information.
If they're guarded by storm troopers, then any scruffy bounty hunter or group of living teddy bears should be able to take it over...
The office I work at has a life sized Storm Trooper in our lobby. He's pretty cool.
Bing will obviosly be looking for the exaust vents now  BillG is Yoda Steve B is Chewey
And the guard has not noticed the small R2 unit sneaking out...
That better not be the droid he's looking for...
What a joker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Keep exploring: The Street View person icon makes an appearance, a guy with a propeller hat Rick-Rolls you, and more (I imagine).
I saw that guy and thought what a great security uniform! Does this mean google is part of the dark side?
"Yep, I used to be on a Star Destroyer guarding ships, but now, Here I am... I guess from now on, I will stay on the right frequency when they call me... Now to keep my eye out for the droids we are looking for...Nope, nothing here!!"
Google guarantees full security 
With a guard like that, I don't even want to get close a data center. 
Oh look it's that droid he's looking for...
I don't think those shoes are Imperial Issue.  What's your operating ID!!!
The Death Star was often depicted as AT&T's logo improperly reversed wherein the light spot on the globe went black. Verizon had James Earl Jones spokesperson, the voice of Darth Vader. Now Google has stormtroopers guarding data centers. Too weird for too long to be a coincidence. 
Good to know if I ever break in I have a zero percent chance of being shot by a blaster. heavy powerful database of g center
Didn't they say "don't be evil?"
Jon R
You can tell the guy in that armor is both a hansom and a powerful man at Google!
that's the most safe guarding job any storm trooper will ever get, it has to be hes not even armed..... 
Don't feel that secure, R2D2 has infiltrated the premisses.
Just to think of it, who are the guards for microsoft, (Transformers)? What about Apple, (D.C. universe)? So avengers will guard, who!!!!!
That's not a guard, that's maintenance...the helmut makes sense give the height of the ladder!
R2-D2 is that small wow :P
may the force be with you -yoda
Why would you want a stormtrooper guarding your data? They couldn't hit a guy in a vest and a walking carpet at 10 yards. lol
Well they have to make it interesting somehow.
the avengers guard Facebook....  until a better social net work that pays better buys them out...
I love google becase is look like a big star having much shinning to every croner of our world thanks lots.
Phhhfff. Google's stormtrooper are whimps.
Their blaster rifles are generations behind the E-11's. Don't even get me started on the detonators... you would expect them to be code key thermal but no, not even close, their not even Baradium-core!!!
thats either one big storm trooper or R2D2 has shrunk in the wash
Is that Storm Trooper wearing tennis shoes? :)
Loving this picture :)) googtrooper
No no no. That's the guy who searches for a match when you type in a query on Google. 
The Empire has had enough of Stormtroopers being slow to respond and seems to have issued running shoes.
So Google has joined the Dark Side?
Ken S
Google is on the dark side?
Is that Sergey and Larry? Were you two watching, Honey I Shrunk the Bots" again?
So dose this mean they have moved over to, "THE DARK SIDE" Then Ya, Ha ;) Ha, !
And there goes the droid they're looking for
+Google will not fall, obviously this is after Vader and the emperor and they are simply using the clone troops as their own, or they bought the old used uniforms at a yard sale ......i<3google
is that a little R2D2 next to the trooper???
or is it just a random astromech?
Google is on the Darkside
That Cylon Centurion looks a bit different.. 
People dressed as a storm trooper I wanna tell them... dude! Your a clone. Your some bodies some bodies , somebody. O.o
There is a Android guy locked in a cage there. Can you find it?
Maybe he just likes the suit!
Well, as long as no prominent members of the rebellion try to get in there, he'll be quite effective.
The force is strong with Google, meditate on this i will 
The R2 toy is a good idea. I have one and they actually make for a good room guard. It learns the layout of the space its in and will wander around and shout a alarm when it comes across someone. It even works in the dark. 
,for a bunch of computer geeks y'all are not well versed in STAR WARS THESE GUYS ARE THE CLONES ordered by the late Jedi Master Sy Fa Dios and now commanded by Count Du Koo, and the syth Lord Palpatine. Thiis is the nerds religion.
HAHAAH! Not only is there a Stormtrooper... but...

"Honey! I shrunk the R2-unit..!"
if you manage to get out side the data center, you will be surprised. They have only 18 parking spots in the whole data center facility.
that person standing in the middle of nowhere looks like that guy in Star Wars.
Star Wars  Episode 7 : Honey, I shrunk R2-D2...
That's why I love Google... they aren't your ordinary tech company.. they have fun with it and that's what works!
My question is, how do I get that job? Everyone wants to work at Google and I have no problem working my way from the bottom. Let me in!
thats   great idea
Just be on the lookout for Androids navigating the corridors.
Only one stormtrooper? Not much to guard
Somebody has to hire them now that the death star has been destroyed. It is good to see Google doing their part.
Looks just like my house except I have more storage space... I also don't keep statistical data and indexes... just porn
Where's that droid? oh wait its right here in my pocket what's that little thing standing over there is that some kind of robot?
These are not the data centers you are looking for.
love the tiny R2D2. bahaaaaaaaaaaaa. Proof of Google awesomeness.
what happens if this place becomes a victim of Mother Nature, do they have a backup??
Unarmed stormtrooper is not going to impress anyone.  Indirect heavy turbolaser fire from a Star Destroyer in orbit would take out the servers as well, so a helmet radio doesn't help.  The astromech may be in guardian mode and actually useful.  I am disappointed in Google - might as well put the Hutts in charge there.
hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhhaahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah robot   and a robot dog
Is that why Google deleted a majority of my reviews and changed my biz name without verification - twice? Just wondering?
That's not the droid I was looking for.
The Google's sense of humor is what other companies lack.
One of Mr Brainwash men. He's ok.
The Empire Strikes a pose.
is it a robo?.....or a human dressed like that.!!!!!
hb 14
is that  robot?????
Is Darth Vader behind that door? 
Do they also play that music (the one that they play when Dartvader walks into the scene) in the background?
I had a feeling this was the case...
I had a feeling this was the case....
This is so funny! Thank you for posting this!
Josh B
That's where they keep the schematics for the death star
theyre taking over the world first google maps then ocean next wil be YOUR HOUSE!
but how can you protect it from hackers
is that Stig? what the hell is he doing right there. 
Lol. Google is such a quirky company. I love it.
Can you find the Super Secret Plan in one area?
So how do they recruit for the job of stormtrooper?

Wanted: Stormtrooper with 5 years experience and knowledge of jedi mind tricks. 
Nick R
why is there a pharmacy to the left of stormtrooper?  i also like the scooters for getting around the place.
These are not the servers you are looking for.....move along
Cool i just worked there without any protection 
its the end of the space as we know it
That'ssssssss very nice........
The dark side is coming with their cookies. If only it was guarded by Chick Norris, then we will all be safe
It look like Google isn't using self store from IT?
too good...............................
Still looking for the right droids....
Storm Troopers guarding Droids. Nice.
No reason to panic. :-)
And one small AR2D2 too :-). That is why google rocks!
This guard was fired from apple b4 and now google hired this guard now apple gonna sue google for this blundeeeeeeeer.
Is that real life storm trooper :O
Droids use Storm Troopers as Butlers! he is awaiting thy Masters bidding! 
And Dark Fiber is a way to allow Darth Vader to appear in anyone's home at the speed of light. I see where this is headed!
Who found stormtrooper lol
Brings a new meaning to "these aren't the Droids you're looking for".
Oh no... does that mean Google is going to the dark side of Bing?  Yikes!!!!
U know the best thing about being a storm trooper would be the fact that u could be sleeping on the job and no one would be able to tell the difference lol
Kassy G
hahahaha i LOVE the mini R2D2!!!!
Same view.  Pivot right.  Notice scooters.  *Nods approvingly*
I don't think the Stormtrooper is going to be of any help though. No matter how many times they fire at the targets, they still miss. 
So does this mean that Google is the "empire"? if so, then who is the "rebels"?
hmmm, wonder if they all wear the google glass to keep sync'd
And here I thought Apple was becoming the evil empire.
Really Apple is the Empire and Google is the Rebel Alliance.
Rs P
Its a darth vader..
i knew it!  they are evil!  XD
Isn't he a little short for a stormtrooper?
Just did this on the iPhone 5 in Google+ App. Really really smooth
HaHa me and well... my dad my uncle my cousin lets jus say alot of my family members luuuuuvv Star Wars The Clone Wars:) HaHa
Funny it appears you can't pull this location up on the new Apple Map App.

Bitter party if one?
that is hilarious. in fact, first Google hired Megatron, but he couldn't fit in the data center. so they requested Stormtroopers instead.
thanx for this image good pic of google data center
A mini R2......hay!!!!!! It's the droid your looking for....
A storm trooper and mini R2D2 is in the picture! Didn't they notice mini R2D2?
Wait a minute, when will android R2D2 come out? It should be awesome!
That is not the droid you are looking for :-)
Where do I sign up lol..
I'm sure Google has a closet full of Brent Spiners somewhere...
Wow dat is funny i love Google!! Really the dark it
I knew it google is eventually going to take over.
forget about the stormtrooper...there's a tiny R2D2! What a crazy world.
Nice, been there for interview... cool
Oh... so THAT's where they're keeping the internet.
You don’t mess with Google! :D You have to see the pictures of West of Pecos @ San Francisco, from Google Indoor Street View… hilarious!
Glad someone pointed this out in a screenshot... I saw this yesterday and had a good laugh!
Ha ha.... well... this clearly proves that Google has joined the dark side and is owned by Galactic Empire.. :D
You had to know they would throw some funnies in there somewhere... good stuff.
K, so what's with the mini R2D2, and zoom in goes black when u get too close!?
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