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Be my Valentine?

Image via Paperwheel/Etsy.
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you are my sunshine lyrics..........
Only if you'll be mine. ;)
I saw that earlier this week. Pretty darn cool.
you are my sunshine lyrics...
Uh.. Valentine's day is like my Bad Day ,,LMAO
it never is when you have friends, +mireya P. ...  at least if they are any good and they are close by.
otherwise, yea...  =P
Happy valentines day rosa..........
Yeah i will like to be your val what did you think .....
For sure I will :) Happy Valentine´s day
Happy Valentines Day to u as well.  I heard a good saying on Valentines Day yesterday and I love it.  it says spend your time to make love than shopping!!
lucky person who is ur wishes for both of u.
 Rosa Golijan, Valentine's day, today is your party, greetings to your love.
You make me happy when skies are grey you never know dear how much we love you please dont take your sunshine away?xxxoo0o. have a happy day Rosa!!!
hi rosa, be my valentine......happy valentine day....
you are my sunshine my only sunshine,you make me happy when skies are grey,you'll never no dear how much we love you,please don't take your sunshine away??with love to Rosa from your many fans XXX OOO
My love g j

Rosa.............stay away from Valentine's day
happy valentine days.......
Well im here ill be your Valentine if u in Milltown 
Will you be my valentine?
happy valentines day to all of you guys
Let love find you this are beautiful
Thanks for sharing your thoughts jflappan Malaysia. Good luck with your friends and family to celebrate valentines day
i am be ........... happy Valentine..   rosa
Certainly why not!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
happppy valentines day rosa
hay hai how ru  ur smile is very beautiful rosa
Happy valantine day and basant panchmi.
Ure cute nd pretty and so full of life yess i want 2 be ur val
is this proposal for me sweety............
I will be your vallentine your so pretty

I would love to be your Valentine
Tony K.
This happens to people migrating from Android to Blackberry! Ha-Ha...
good your valentine day really like
Who wouldn't want to be your Valentine. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY
Happy ValenDives's Day! Spread your love to humans, animals, plants, every living thing in the universe!
I just gave this card to my s/o. Saw it on Reddit a few weeks ago. The best part of this gift is the link she sends showing you hire she makes her cards
HapPy v day 2 all,
remember to love each other after this!
A Valentine card from, a card? A slight slide of hand, I may just try, to fashion for you a Furbelow of writ skits, to bestow upon you a garland of poems. Convoluted concoctions, word constructions of rickety blocks, or elaborately decorated frocks, drapes. An ornamental vine with no grapes, a prospect to prosody, from a nobody. Perhaps is no intricately wove string of flower and thorny rose, garlic, just prose, noisome and prickly, to be deleted quickly, or maybe not get through at all. A die hard a card, a poisonous wreathe, a sour taste of missal tome, mistletoe, camel toe, a moment of grief, only to learn the term, then relief. Is true. Thankyou. Oh. The shame. Lol.
Ryan Ng
Also in the search results but is located further down: 

you are my valentine
youtube gangnam style
you got dissed
you suck
Hi my name is tony I will be your Valentine's
Hi rosa happy Valentine's Day
if i a lyric so who are u? just for fun, it is great
Happy valentine's Day for every one,but a very special for you baby.Just love you.
Hai Rosa Happy Valentine Day too you
This would be my last wish to be urs valentine Rosa.
surely.I will be ur valentine.
Wishing A very happy memorable valentine day to u
From what I see on the 'net, "You auto-correct me" would be much more interesting .  .  .
Hope you have a wonderful valentine's day!
i'll be your valentine mija
every body wants to ur avalability is there..................then will see............
Luv and valentine walkes 2gether its tym 2 luv each other so lets luv one onether
happy valentine day friend
hi rosa
valentine is one day/night ilike to get a frinedship for looong period
is it ok?
if you will be my valentine.I am very happy . Birds are singing sweet songsand flowers blossom everywhere.I jumped in the air. Oh, suddenly I fell down my bed and awaked.
As U in google+ you R a Valentin of all friend U hav to get many red flower.Happy v V...!
I wanna be your valentine forever!!!!!!
its not right way to be valentine...know each other n understand each other....
I wanna be your valantine forever!!!!!
Hi Rosa  Is Sunshine lyrics that of Bonny M?
happy Valentine day Rosa how are you doing there please you can invite to your cam because i dont know how to use it by gmail
hi rosa how are u 
u looking very nice
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If your enterested in someone ever so caring you could be my valintine in time and all year around.
i wan't to be your valentine.are you ready?
Hey this is yours truly jailin......that's beautiful.... If I could say what is
Truly beautiful I would say "You bring out an astonishing glow that. Stars will fall for you to ask your permission to shine when you shine"
In a geeky kind of way, that's cool.

It's the age of the Geek! lol
sos but sister girl what u want and u need is very different . what u want is a valentine what u need is a make over cause u is ugly
hi rosa i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
i am fine how are you were are you from 
hi mazen good evening.................................
Hi sweety I love to meet you your so cute
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