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This is a rather good point...

Illustration via XKCD. If you're not familiar with the comic, catch up here:
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OMG... been in both places... as a kid and as a parent. 
wow.... I also posted this to my facebook this morning. I guess he struck a good point! Here was an interesting reply I got:

"This actually reminds me of a scenario in my last first-aid course. Half the class went outside the room while the other half created a scenario in which to test the first-aid skills of the absent half. The remaining half was told to choke/cough and the half waiting outside was supposed to deal with the situation in the best way possible.

Most of them did very well, like saying "Hi, my name is (insert name here). I'm trained in first-aid; can I help you?", and they performed their first-aid procedures. That was all fine but at the end, they all "failed" this scenario. The instructor asked them "WHY WOULD YOU GO INTO A ROOM FULL OF CHOKING PEOPLE?!?!?""

thought you might like that +Rosa Golijan 
Alright, who's with me? Lets go! The bridge is on fire!!!
Nice now I have the perfect answer to that question
Well, if only part of the bridge is on fire, and I can make it across or back okay, and I don't have to jump because it's too far and I definitely wouldn't survive the impact...

This is the thought process that I'd have. Yes, I'm aware it'd likely get me killed.  =P
Oh sure, go ahead of jump with your firends.  But if you get hurt, arrested, or dead, I'll still love you for ever.  Just don't call me to pay the bill from your doing such an assine thing.  lol
If all your friends ate food, would you do that?
The height of the bridge in question as well as what is under the bridge would also be an important factor in my decision.
Using the more contemporary bridge rather than a cliff is more suitable as a fire could force a group towards a cliff. A bridge being on fire at both ends with me in the middle is highly unlikely. My dad did presume I would know what a cliff was having grown up in south Florida.
+Fareed Delhi Abe o despo..don't give Delhiites a bad name by trying to flirt here, go back to Orkut if that's your scene.
Ladki dikh gai to bas line marna shuru.
I thought it was funny that CNN was covering a current event :/
Reminds me of a dilbert strip. "Well, that would depend on many factors, including height, training, and equipment. But if 100% of the people enjoyed it, then I would conclude it was safe. A better question might have been 'If everyone else wore clothes, would you do that?"
I really liked this xkcd.
This is one of those thoughts that's been malingering in the back of my mind for years, that XKCD has summed up perfectly. It's not the first time he's done that.
What really made the comic today was the alt text:
"And it says a lot about you that when your friends jump off a bridge en masse, your first thought is apparently 'my friends are all foolish and I won't be like them' and not 'are my friends ok?'"
I like this.  Too bad my parents never said that to me.
Lol...good perspective on the "question"!
May my daughters never read this or my best parenting line is lost :-) 
All my friends +1ed this ... It's only logical for me to do it too :-P 
I will not let my son see this, I should say hopefully he hasn't seen it yet 
If there were cookies....I'd jump too c:
I've been saying this for years! Haha
Which scenario is more likely?  Looking around, I would say the first scenario is more likely.  You assume too much about the people around you.  Parents still win.
I miss jumping off of bridges with my friends.    cliffs too
And if all your friends were drinking bleach would you do it?
My mom would have laughed if I tried to use this on her. Then she would have still forbade me from going. (my mom had a hell of a sense of humor)
"OK then. Because I said so!"
Whats the difference between this and lemmings going to a cliff? How you know all your friends are doing your same reasoning and the only one that knows is the 1st one, that want to suicide or thinks that can fly?

Also, the perception of "all your friends" is usually skewed by the most vocal ones or the ones that (maybe doing an unusual thing, like the thing you are copying) you notice. You need just a little push to make a lot of people to start using a very addictive and damaging drug with that trick.

Blindly following your friends, specially in this kind of situation, could be dangerous, but hey, they can't be wrong, right?
i know some peole who have jumped off a 6 hundred foot bridge and survived, mind you  jumping into the water. The ones that jumped onto the ground didn't live To answer the question, I wouldn't unless it was on fire and I couldn't get off. I would jump into the water.
you know if i can believe on that jump i can do  but, i f not i can't do that always i stand for my  mental satisfaction if a swimming pool is there i can do that.
That rhetorical question always struck me as ripe for argument, as a kid and as a parent.
It is a thoughtful improvement over The Smothers Brothers comedic retort, "Huh, not again!" as in "a second time".
...hypothetical leap of faith by sensible flock, huh?
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