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So cute!

Photo by +Levante Vinson.
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What an amazing shot.

Combien Photoshop?
Ummmm... Red Riding Hood and the Wolf got it on apparently.
Well, g'morning! Looks like you're all bundled up :)
Reminds me of Adam Sandlers song "Red Hooded Sweat Shirt".  It also reminds me puppies get more "cute" compliments than me.  <runs to bedroom crying and slams door>
It seems only Chinese people will have their pet dogs wear with clothes.
Wrong +Jie Chen there is a store in Ghridelli Square(sp?) in San Francisco dedicated to just dog clothes.  I went for chocolate in December and got caught up for 3 hours peeing over other dogs's a dominance thing.
...wasn't sure if you're referring to the puppy or your profile portrait...
But it won`t stay that for long :)
Yeah looks cute and awesome! 
love that breed very smart loyal yet bull \terrier bis just as white n wappy mad bless miss Goligan xx mr strzeszwski or quinn xx
L.L. Bean Red team
Land's End Blue team
Let's race
Mush little doggies!
He's so cute I just want to hug him
Dog or boy fren... what gals would choose...??
very good contrast of colors
Did that little wolf just eat Little Red Riding Hood and steal her hoodie?
Cool dog had one like him or her know that u r the first person I've ever done this with.anyway I'm Lawrence how goes it rosa have a super great day 
and i thought i was the cutest in the
look nice, but scary!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoodies come in these sizes?
If I had this little fella I wouldn't mind getting up in the moring and walking him. I wouldn't mind walking him three times a day. He is awesome!!!!
Thãnks for giving dresses really super 
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