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Here's a kitten. 'Cause everything's better with kittens.

Photo by Sonja Probst.
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After a stressful day that's what I would like to come home to see.
I love cats...I have 4 of my own...God made them soooo gorgeus!!
which species it is???? so quit.....
now this definately is called in relaxation mode..........
YES hi Alex how are u. where are u from 
A nice counterbalance to the drama from earlier, I'd say. Kittens do make everything better.
agree...little soy sauce and garlic...mmmm....just kidding PETA ....gosh
Looks soo cutty and you are correct Rosa. 
lol I agree im sharing this...
This kitten looks happy and playful
Rosa same as u cute and soft
How can I make everybody see my photos because I put photos and nobody likes or comments, go and take a look...
that´s right....;-)
Oh dear lord, that is so cute. I swear that face says "The hell?... Who are you and where am I?"
"Cause Everything Is Better With Kittens" :D Lmao So True 8-)
I thought everything was better with bacon?    Someone forgot to cc me on this memo.
My cat was a kitten 20 years ago, still going 
MMM...i like mine sunny side down with a side of hashbrowns....just kidding PETA...gosh
soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur....
Not ice cream. Ice cream is in fact worse with kittens.
Not tonight hon... I've got a stiff neck...
Damn, this kitty could use some Redbull and Vodka...!
What its looking .some beauty is disBelief them
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