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Here's a kitten. 'Cause everything's better with kittens.

Photo by Sonja Probst.
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After a stressful day that's what I would like to come home to see.
I love cats...I have 4 of my own...God made them soooo gorgeus!!
which species it is???? so quit.....
now this definately is called in relaxation mode..........
YES hi Alex how are u. where are u from 
A nice counterbalance to the drama from earlier, I'd say. Kittens do make everything better.
I love kittens, they get crazy for no reason
agree...little soy sauce and garlic...mmmm....just kidding PETA ....gosh
Looks soo cutty and you are correct Rosa. 
lol I agree im sharing this...
This kitten looks happy and playful
Rosa same as u cute and soft
How can I make everybody see my photos because I put photos and nobody likes or comments, go and take a look...
that´s right....;-)
Oh dear lord, that is so cute. I swear that face says "The hell?... Who are you and where am I?"
Cats (even kittens) scratch up everything in your house. Unreliable...
"Cause Everything Is Better With Kittens" :D Lmao So True 8-)
I thought everything was better with bacon?    Someone forgot to cc me on this memo.
My cat was a kitten 20 years ago, still going 
MMM...i like mine sunny side down with a side of hashbrowns....just kidding PETA...gosh
soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur....
Not ice cream. Ice cream is in fact worse with kittens.
Not tonight hon... I've got a stiff neck...
Damn, this kitty could use some Redbull and Vodka...!
What its looking .some beauty is disBelief them
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