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Google engineers found over half the bugs Microsoft just fixed
"Microsoft is having one of its biggest 'Patch Tuesday' monthly security updates ever, issuing fixes for a whopping 57 flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and other products. And who does Microsoft have to thank for more than half of these reported problems? Google."

Well, that's a bit awkward.
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I think it's great for people with the know-how to find bugs and report them. Not just complain. 
Hey a bug found is a bug found. The onus then falls onto the creator of the software if it's not open-source.
Just looked after reading, I guess I will be installing a few, lol!
Yeah just a little awkward ...
Less awkward than Apple finding them
Yikes! I guess I'll turn my laptop on tonight and do some updating ........
Thanks for the reminder. 11 updates now installing.
And it used to be IBM.  Nothing new here.
Micro soft is within driving distance form where I live. What bugs me is I'm on the bus. I would like to hit up Bil Gates for a loan.
I wonder if fixing these bugs would at least partly be in Google's best interest.  Maybe one of the bugs is "Google keeps crashing in IE." :)
You mean all the undocumented features.
Google doing dirty work in bed with Microsoft? Kinky...
esta busca atravéis da tecnolugia é valida em todos os sentidos insicluve as amisade
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